Sunday, 26 April 2009

Time to move

The new house cleaned and almost inhabitable (not yet thanks to our landlord who isn’t even in the country) we’re currently in the time consuming and back aching process of packing up and moving all our worldly possessions to the new place, but there is still a long way to go. Contrary to other moves and we’ve moved a lot in our time (this will be my 6th house move in 7 years) I think we’re starting to realise the scope of the problem of accumulating stuff.

It’s been a busy week, not just at work but most certainly at home. The Albert Clock says it's time to moveevenings have been largely taken up sorting whatever we have. Even during the days it’s been an uphill task to get Estate agents to do their job. It’s amazing how when our Estate Agents have been looking to get you to do something they’ll chase you down when it’s not at all convenient and ask for everything to be done right away with threats of wrecking all the plans they know you’ve already set in motion. Then when it comes to you needing something from them, which should have been done before they rushed through the whole matter to get to the money. They’re not in, or can’t come to the phone, deny all knowledge of anything and of course they’ll never even apologise or admit any fault no matter how small. As Norn Girl says, they’re a shower of b*******. Even if it’s not a general trend, those I’ve happened to encounter are by far doing their best to make sure that stereotype is founded by some harsh truths. I’m not sure if it’s the pressures of the job or if it’s just that not very nice people have happened to take the job, but for an industry that affects someone’s life, the standards of customer service for us have been quite shocking at times .

Thankfully the builder representing the landlord has so far been a breath of fresh air. So kind and helpful and not at all ‘Estate Agent’ like and as such my worries about the move have subsided about 85%. There are several problems with the place but hopefully they are now in hand.

Today we’ve the fun task to eat the entire fridge freezer worth of food in order to defrost it before we take it to the new place. Many boxes have already been moved with lots of help from Norn Girls family and all the more admin related tasks have, if not done, been noted down.

Moving ourselves and our bed to the new place will, all being well, take place tomorrow and as such, it’s time to get all the electronics and guff we haven’t yet moved ready to go with us.

Sorting the guff has been the major time consuming thing. We’ve somehow accumulated so much that instead of like the last move it being a few bin bags and boxes worth, it’s now a question of can we even fit it in the new place. From documents from 5 years ago that are no longer relevant and need a good shredding to old clothes, toys and gadget we forgot we had, there’s probably a small room worth of junk we’ve managed to hide around the house until now. For that reason we’ve been sorting it and will be continuing to sort it into three or four piles. One for a refuse collection from the council, one for being kept, one for EBay/a car boot sale and another for giving to charity.

That adds another list of things still to sort after the move but it’s something that’s been put off so long we have to make this move an opportunity to get on top of it all. So far so good!

I best get back to the packing and sorting. Sorry for the lack of posts the last wee while. The time just hasn’t been there to sit down and type, but hopefully come the end of next week we’ll be settled into our new home.


  1. All the best in your new home and just think the estate agents that aren't really doing their job properly may not have a job soon anyway.

  2. Being about to move myself, I entirely sympathise with your situation. I've moved numerous times, and the process is always fraught with unexpected problems and crises. Hopefully it'll all be worth it once you've moved in!



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