Saturday, 10 October 2009

Weblog Disclaimer

Connecting with other consciousness in this usually warm and thoughtful but potentially unpredictable and dangerous world of the internet/blogosphere, it's hard to know who you might encounter and what their intentions might really be.
Heading further out into a largely uncharted expanse with my ever changing bag of feelings, ideas, opinions and accounts slung over my shoulder, the time has come to try to ensure a smooth voyage into the future with a Disclaimer.

This weblog is provided to the reader with the expectation that the reader, like the author, will try their best to be law abiding, ethical, have a sense of fun, be open minded and to cause no harm. Spammers, extremists, those seeking to be offended, or anyone who would intentionally harmfully exploit, please focus your attention on something more worthwhile and give our heads peace, life's too short and you're already the reason I'm creating a disclaimer. Be nice!

This blog is intended to provide a snapshot as well as an evolving record of an individual’s experience and opinion. Due to this nature, entries could potentially be written in the heat of the moment or only reflect a small moment in time, as such any thoughts and opinions expressed in older posts may not truly reflect my thoughts or opinions today but they were as accurate as possible at the time of the initial posting. Content may become 'out of date'.

Using a technological platform with the value of free-speech as its basis, the contents of this blog are solely representative of the swirling mind of the blogger and are fully independent of any organisation including my employer or any group or organisation I may actually or seem to represent. In regards to a negative representation of people, places or ideas, except for referenced material; these opinions are intended only in the context in which they are written and within the reasons stated. Contrary to what might appear within the content I do not claim to be an expert regarding anything or anyone, I am just learning as I go through life like anyone else. Please do not take my advice, suggestions, opinions or even facts for granted and if in doubt seek professional advice.

The contents of this blog are written by a human who is by self admission 'a bit of a pant’; as such, the content may unintentionally contain factual inaccuracies, poor grammar and spelling mistakes. Jokes might not work and a typo might be laughed at, please take this into account before taking offence.

With the nature of the internet comes the ability to share with peoples from around the world. As such I have to state that the content of this blog is likely to be found to be culturally specific. I apologise in advance for anything that could be deemed offensive to someone of different culture or whose morals are founded in a self chosen belief system that is incompatible to the laws granted by the culture in which I live. As the content of this site transcends international borders, I cannot be held responsible for defamatory statements bound to government, religious, or other laws from an external reader’s country of origin.

In regards to all of the above, anyone reading this blog does so under the understanding that they will not hold the author libel for the contents displayed. The contents of this blog are not produced for profit or material gain.

For external content to this site, comments are the sole responsibility of their creators and the writer will take full responsibility, liability, and blame for any libel or litigation that results from an abuse of this facility. Comments are enabled to allow discussion and for other views to be aired, please don't abuse them. All external links are outside the realm of my control and are the legal responsibility of their respected owners. URL's can change and I cannot guarantee the accuracy or appropriate nature of the content the link might take you to. I will try to keep links updated and will remove any inappropriate links as soon as they come to my attention.

If you find anything on this blog which you find questionable, inaccurate or if you have concerns or legitimate reasons to have something removed, please do contact me, either within the comments, or privately at 'supergreensunbear at google mail dot com'. I will look to remove or edit content as soon as possible if this circumstance arises.

All photos, images and videos used on this site that are not referenced to their original owners and used within their own terms of copyright are by default Copyright 2009-11 'supergreensunbear'. All rights reserved. If you do wish to use any of my work or the resized images on this site for a suitable purpose, I would ask that a reference to its source is provided and that the author of that content ensures that it's final use is not commercial or for an unlawful purpose. For any other permission, such as for rights managed licensing of the full sized images, please contact me at 'supergreensunbear at googlemail dot com'.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, now back to the journey!

You can find a link to this disclaimer at the foot of all pages on this site should you wish to refer to it again in the future.

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