Sunday, 13 December 2009

After the wedding - back to the future

Sat on the sofa with my amazing wife on a date approaching our 1st month anniversary. In the house we rent and with the cold of winter outside being ousted by the pretty colours of our festive decorations. The construct of time has shed me a few moments, whilst watching DVD’s, to blog again for the first time in over a month. So this is just a quick update before I finally get time to type up the several thousand words worth (no host of golden daffodils included) of blog posts that I have written in my handy Muji notebook purchased on Oxford Street.  Inside, and with the gaps between the skirting boards and the carpet plugged and with only the draught emanating from an ill-fitting door, we’ve the heating on. It is certainly not the 30 degrees centigrade we were spoilt by, which is a big shame.  We kinda got used to the summer weather on our honeymoon on an island located south of the Equator... namely Mauritius,  but the warming of the festive season isn’t a bad thing to come back to.

Things haven’t changed too much, the mild side of crazy is still in both of us and is still prevalent even after we have gained the definition of Mr and Mrs. Even though the random dose of vitamin D has quenched the demands of our bodies that are unaccustomed to such treats, we have been ever so busy every day since we returned from honeymoon, sorting the aftermath of one occasion and preparing for the onslaught of another.

Half the whole of the story of 2009 might end up slightly over lapping with in 2010 but I intend to get there.

 First up is a trip or two to the BBC...

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