Sunday, 14 March 2010

Dr Who in Belfast and some Northern Irish Daleks

He probably got spun off course by some inter galactic wayward energy pulse from beyond our reality, but in a detour from the usual London and Cardiff locations it seems Dr Who is coming to Belfast later this month for the launch of the new Dr Who. The tour starts here in Belfast and is promoting the forthcoming series by brining the first episode of the new series to kids here. The BBC says "The focus of the tour is to reach relatively under-served communities by the BBC", personally I'm glad to see that this is being acknowledged and hopefully, like Radio1 they'll find the place to be beyond their expectations and come back more often. Maybe they will send back a set location finder because wouldn't it be awesome to have a Dr Who set on the streets of Belfast or some place else in Northern Ireland . So with Steve Moffat in charge and Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor it should prove an interesting journey through space and time on 29th March. On another note, its probably time he showed up too since that there Dalek appeared on Divis hill last year!

It seems the Daleks who arrived have been busy settling in and getting used to the place, even picking up the colloquialisms! I'm probably a little behind the times with this as I only came across it today after a friend had linked to it on Facebook and it is a year old and be warned before watching these that there is a little bit of bad language in some of the 4 parts of this on Youtube.

Over to Colin and Brian... the Northern Ireland Daleks...


  1. The Dalek on the moutain was infact done by me as a publicity stunt to promote my charity fundraising event, Vortex, which had cast members visit the city and meet with fans at the europa Hotel.

    This coming may 2nd Vortex II will be happening again at the europa with actors from Dr Who and Torchwood.

    If you liked the Dalek on divis moutain, wait until you see the waterskiing Dalek across Lough Neagh on easter monday.

    UT Events

  2. Awesome, hehe, that sounds great, I'll be sure to keep an eye open for it.

    I just did a bit of Googling and found that this one is again a fund raising event for the Northern Ireland Children's Hospice, a very worthy cause, good luck :)

    If anyone wants to read more I think this is the official site for UT Events and Vortex II where there is a link for anyone interested to buy tickets for this charity event.



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