Saturday, 3 April 2010

Anagrammed Northern Ireland - Hand Linen Terror!

This account of an evening out in Belfast from earlier in the week has been hijacked by anagrams. Can you work out what the real story should be? (Answers at the bottom of the post - and yes I was quite bored!)

'Main File For Hand Linen Terror' trip to the Cinema

Branches of a Belfast tree in the darkOn Tuesday night in 'Stab Elf' City there was a trip taken by 5 people to see 'A Demonic One' within 'Caves Roar I Quit'. The feature film was 'Heirlooms Privily Oil Up' a love story starring 'Gnome Grew Car' with 'My Rice Jar' .

It was a film based on a true story and was quite tragic really, but very funny never the less and well worth seeing. Once the movie was over we headed out of the screen and into the hall. It was whilst there that we waited on a few who couldn't hold it any longer and had to take a trip to the 'Ham Robot'.

On the walls were posters for up coming shows, one was for 'Dandy Hag Knit' starring 'Most I Cure' and 'Domain Craze'. We tried to work out if the silhoutes in the poster were to scale in regards to one another and guess their heights. According to IMDB 'Erotic Sum' is 5' 7 and  'Amazon Cider' is 5'5½", the silhoets in the poster must have either been taken at different times or edited.

I don't think I'll be going to see that one, I'd rather watch Newry's 'Reliable Sticky Hen' on The One Show or Belfast's 'Hen Rang The Bank' in Much Ado About Nothing.

With everyone together again, we headed out into the cold, rainy night and out onto 'Their Erect Chests', down past 'Bitch Alley Flats' and the soon to disappear ‘Webfeet Halls’, to our bus stop.

We were soon flying past 'Yoga Trek'. I thought about writting this post then fell asleep and probably dreamt of 'Manhole Omens'.

Hand Linen Terror - Northern Ireland, Main File For Hand Linen Terror - A Lifeform in Northern Ireland, Stab Elf - Belfast, A Demonic One - Odeon Cinema, Caves Roar I Quit - Victoria Square, Heirlooms Privily Oil Up - I love you Phillip Morris, Gnome Grew Car - Ewan McGregor, My Rice Jar - Jim Carrey, Ham Robot - Bathroom, Dandy Hag Knit - Knight and Day, Erotic Sum/Most I Cure - Tom Cruise, Domain Craze/Amazon Cider - Cameron Diaz, Hen Rang The Bank - Kenneth Branagh, Reliable Sticky Hen - Christine Bleakley, Their Erect Chests - Chichester Street, Bitch Alley Flats - Belfast City Hall, Webfeet Halls - Belfast Wheel, Yoga Trek - Yorkgate, Manhole Omens - Eamonn Holmes

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