Sunday, 2 January 2011

The 2011 list

So here we are, 2011! The start of a new calendar year - that chosen marker tied to the beginning of another orbit of the Earth around the Sun. A time that seems to offer a chance to reflect, to take stock and to plan ahead. After a nice Christmas away in Yorkshire with my family and after being very appreciative of some down time, I'm going to make a list. Lists are my favourite way to keep organised, even with an outlook calendar I can't beat a simple list. So as well as everything I'll take forward from 2010 here are the new additions to my list of New Years resolution type/ to-do type things for 2011:

General :
- Live a little more whilst we're still young and relatively free n'easy:
      > If affordable, try to make it on at least 2 foreign holidays and take in new places.
      > De-stress a little more often and don't let work stress carry home when at all possible.
      > Book more wee things we like to do like comedy gigs, cinema trips, Belfast Giants games and the likes.
- Remember to back up my hard drive more often.
- Invest in some new shoes.
- Sign up to a gym that is open during hours that are good for me to make use of it.
- Look into the possibilities of moving house (again).
- Use what I have before buying more and stop hoarding junk ( + sort through my mass of t-shirts and get rid of a few to make room for some trousers).
- Keep an eye out for a Career change to something I'd enjoy more that is more suited to my studies.

Blog related :
- Take more photos (I really enjoy photography).
- Spend less time on things like blog promotion and put that time to writing posts.
- Spend more time commenting on the blogs I really enjoy reading.
- Clear out Troll blogs I've been hooked on from my reader (Note to self: I'm human - not a fish - don't get hooked into wasting time debating with ill-intentioned people who don't deserve the attention - especially in relation to those with religious or political ideals I find questionable who like to stir controversy - Northern Irish politicians being the exception since they have a real life influence over our lives)
- Make a new title banner.
- Finally write a post about our wedding and honeymoon.

Hopefully an exciting 2011 ahead for us all and I for one can't wait to live it.

Cat sleeping

As tempting as it is to curl up in a ball and do an impersonation of our family cat, we don't get that many cosmic twirls around the sun so it certainly makes sense to make the best of those we do get. Time for me to get started on that list.

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  1. I hope you have the new start you're looking for! I personally would love to see more of the photos you take - they're awesome! And your cat is so cute :)

    Hazel xxx



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