Sunday, 6 November 2011

The MTV Europe Music Awards

The MTV EMAs are to be held in Belfast tonight. I'm a little torn about how much to care about it:

On the positive side:

- A major PR/marketing Boost for the city and its image.
- An estimated £10 million boost to the local economy.
- Some happy fans of highly manufactured pop music.

On the negative side:

- Some disruption for Belfast City centre.
- The principle that Belfast is endorsing what is essentially a glorified marketing/PR exercise for a major industry.

I mean, hosting the EMAs is a postive for Belfast but on the other hand, I'm not a fan of MTV and looking at a lot of the acts chosen by those MTV fans just indicates to me that they need their heads tested. So I couldn't care less of which act wins what but I will be watching anyway. Watching to see what the world is being shown of Belfast and in a guilt free schadenfreudesque way, watching to see which act makes the biggest mess up or proves that they have no idea where they are.

Sure, it's all rather egotistical and very financially motivated but it is about to happen and it should be quite the spectacle. So all considered, I'm sitting on the fence on this one.

I do hope it goes well for everyone heading along and that everyone has a good time and Belfast gets as much out of it as it can. Belfast will hopefully be the winner.


  1. I'm fairly gutted that we're not living just across the river from the Odyssey where we were last year! It wouldn't have been pretty cool to watch from our living room window. Instead, we're going to watch on the telly.

    I'm also totally not bothered with the acts, I agree with you! Still, it would be fun to at least be sitting in the Garrick bar with a pint and watching on their big screen.

  2. That would have been fun, we watched it on the telly too. When we put our head outside the door we could hear the city hall gig a little.

    Belfast looked great on TV tonight but as far as the concept of the show, it was, as expected, just glorified advertising. The vast majority, if not all of the awards were given out by US celebs and the closing act, a mediocre US pop idol runner performing with the remaining members of Queen cashing in on their former fame. Sad really. JessieJ might sing 'It’s not about the money, money, money', but it really is.

  3. Too true. I must be getting old, there were far too many people I'd never heard of or recognized. I'm missing the days of real music.

    I'm glad it was in Belfast and that the city got so much out of it though.

  4. Wow. I can't imagine that being where it is. It's huge!



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