Sunday, 8 January 2012

The 2012 list

Time again to re-focus and Sweep away the past with a shiny future.

The 2012 List Modelled by Sweep

Yes I will be 28 this year. Anyways, in 2012 (other than things already in hand) I'm going to attempt to:

  • Stay alive (so far so good)
  • Read 1 whole actual, real, in paper, page turning, proper book (seriously that number isn't a typo, I read a grand total of 0 books in 2011)
  • Try to find/get/make a job I would enjoy doing (a long shot but it won't happen unless I try).
  • Try again at learning to separate the stress of work from home (if possible).
  • Follow 1 Olympic 2012 sport über religiously. Has to be a sport that I honestly don't care about right now. For no reason whatsoever really except for a bit of fun. If anyone would like to join me feel free to volunteer and suggest the sport.
  • Don't allow Clothes Mountain (the pile of washing in our bedroom) to rear its volumous crumpled head again.
  • Not get my hopes up with Euro 2012.
  • Make at least a small positive difference to something worthwhile.
  • Risk it for a chocolate biscuit and do a few more things on the spur of the moment and procrastinate less

Finances allowing:
  • Visit 5 cities/major towns that I have never been to before.
  • Visit 1 new country.
  • Visit my family at least twice.
  • Attend 3 or more comedy gigs
  • Attend at least 10 ice hockey matches.
  • Watch 20 films I've never seen before
  • Don't leave the entirety of Christmas shopping until December.
  • Possibly move house.

  • Spend even less time playing games on the net.
  • Do a spring clean of my Google Reader.
  • Spend more time commenting on the blogs I enjoy reading.
  • Spend less time pointlessly commenting on political blogs where everyone has their minds made up anyway no matter what you say.
  • Find at least 3 new blogs to follow properly - like I would those on my blog list to the bottom left of this page (if you're reading this and have any good suggestions please do add them in the comments)
  • Be more sociable (if it's not going to make my brain hurt)
  • Take even more photos.

Disclaimer section of the 2012 list:
  • Try to do all this whilst not injuring Norngirl mentally or physically (she can be judge and jury at the end of the year).

Thanks to posts elsewhere for the reminder to make the list, specifically fellow bloggers Katie, Kate and Jean who made their own. I almost forgot and it's almost mid January!

Ok, 1 more addition to the list.
  • Try to remember things.


  1. Wow! Very ambitious, nice list!

  2. Thanks Gia, whether it all gets done is another thing but it'll be fun trying!

    I like your blog by the way, you've a great sense of humour and pictures paint a gazillion words, enjoying it muchly.

    The finding some new blogs to follow properly part of this list might be easier than it seemed! :)

  3. I think those are good and attainable goals. You may find that one leads to another. For example, when you bring less work stress home, you may find time for reading. Or, when you read, you may find you are less stressed. :-)



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