Friday, 3 February 2012

Flying Away for a While

For the next two weeks I'm on some crazy concept called 'annual leave', oh yeah! Long time no see you juicy slice of sumptuously awesome time.

With a proven inability to stay still for very long without getting bored, our break from work isn't going to be two weeks in the sun or a chilled stay-cation. Luckily for us, our hard work and saving over the last couple of years means we're able splash out to take another trip state-side. Weather permitting, this time tomorrow we'll hopefully be visiting a chilly Washington DC.

As you can probably guess, we're not heading for the weather, but we are heading there because of the weather - the cold weather making this time of year the time we can afford to visit :)

Ever since our first taste of New York, which we enjoyed ever so much, we've been eager to get back and do everything we didn't get time to do the first time. Curiosity also got the better of us and in order to see a bit more of what the East Coast has to offer, in this trip we've planned to visit 3 cities: Washington (not the one in Tyne and Wear), New York (new is always better) and Boston (not the one in Lincolnshire). The majority of our time will be spent in New York but we're eager to see what these other two famous cities have to offer.

After not knowing quite what to expect in the US the first time, this time I'm much more relaxed and excited by the anticipation of the trip - not least because we're heading to see more NHL games! I can't wait to see and experience lots of new things and enjoy choosing our own adventures.

Catch you all the week after next!


  1. Oooooh, I loved DC so I can't wait to see your photos! Enjoy!

  2. Have a great trip! Hope you get to enjoy some of the Smithsonians in DC and the Freedom Trail in Boston!



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