Monday, 7 January 2013

The 2013 List

Posting a list of potentially achievable things that I'd like to do in the coming year for all the world to see seemed to work well last year as it gave me a little extra incentive to get things done. So here is my 2013 List.

The 2013 List

There are a few things from last years list that are on the list again but I've also decided to be more organised and so as well as the hopes, I've listed first steps of what I'll try to do to get the ball rolling.

  • Stay alive
  • Attempt to maintain health and happiness.
  • Try to find/get/make a job I would enjoy doing (like last year, it's not likely to happen but it won't at all unless I try so it's staying in there again for the 2nd year running).
  • Make at least a small positive difference to something worthwhile.
  • Procrastinate less
  • Make a list of Birthdays/Anniversaries and make use of it.
  • Try and research my family tree a little.

  • Read 2 books (doubling the target set last year)
  • Finally play some of Zelda on the Wii that I received as a present more than a year ago.
  • Play a game of CivV
  • Finally get around to having some fun with my 1980s/90s Nintendo collection.
  • Watch all of the episodes of 2 different TV shows that I’ve never seen or only seen some of before (DVD Box sets)
  • Attend 1 or more comedy gigs.
  • Attend 1 or more live music events.
  • Attend at least 5 ice hockey matches.
  • Watch 25 films I've never seen before.
  • Just the usual on the football side of things, though try and get over to Elland Road once or twice now evil Santa is no longer pulling the strings.

Finances allowing:
  • Visit 1 new country.
  • Visit 3 cities/major towns that I have never been to before.
  • Head over to visit my family at least twice.
  • Have most of my gifts for people prepared before the start of December.

  • Try to blog more than I have before in a given year (More than 80 posts).
  • Take time to comment on the blogs I enjoy reading.
  • Find at least 3 new blogs to follow properly - like I would those on my blog list to the bottom left of this page (if you're reading this and have any good suggestions please do add them in the comments).
  • Take more photos.

Last but not least, the now standard disclaimer:
  • Try to do all this whilst not injuring Norngirl mentally or physically (she is judge and jury).

How I'm going to try and achieve these:
  • - Work hard
  • - Do as much as possible as soon as possible so that I don't procrastinate over it all and feel like it's a backlog of chours when they're really not.
  • - Find another group/cause that does something useful in real life and get involved. Preferably something local (Non-sectarian community stuff? Humanism? Photography? Science? Astronomy? Sports?)
  • - Go to the doctors if I probably should but likely wouldn't.
  • - Adopt a new pet – Norngirl negotiated with the landlord as part of my Christmas pressie so that we can now have a furry critter of some form, hopefully a kitteh!
  • - Come up with at least 2 new ideas in relation to jobs.
  • - DON'T FEED THE TROLLS, online or in real life!
  • - Make a reference list of dates for Birthdays and anniversaries etc so at least I know where to look.
  • - Research my basic family tree online because even my dad doesn’t know anymore than his grandparents, if I can tell him who his great grandparents were that’ll be a success!
  • - Take books on long journeys.
  • - Either free up a day when Norngirl is away or take a couple of days annual leave during the year to dedicate to playing computer games.
  • - Get hold of and watch 2 TV box sets – I got a gift voucher for Christmas and Star Trek the Original Series was only 30 quid so that’ll be one of them!
  • - Book tickets to a comedy gig
  • - Book tickets to a music event – my favourite band are playing at the Limelight during the year so I've booked tickets to see them play live for the 1st time.
  • - Buy 5 flexi tickets between end of 2012/13 season and start of 2013/14 – I have 1 still left over but a few more to get.
  • - Book a foreign holiday to somewhere I've never been before (If this happens this year it's likely to be a part of a present for someone else)
  • - Book a trip to another UK or Irish city – I really want to visit Edinburgh this year if I can.
  • - Visit my family twice. I'll be in Belfast for Christmas 2013 so it'll be some other time this year, not all in December so I’ll need to keep an eye out on flight prices.
  • - If I see something awesome someone would like for a present, make a note and try and source/make it as soon as possible.
  • - Try to Blog twice a week and schedule posts. Try to make posts smaller (less waffle that no one wants to read).
  • - Make an effort to comment on good blog posts and read around a bit more.
  • - Try to remember to use my camera more often.

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