Thursday, 19 February 2009

T-Shirt folding and beyond

So everything I was going to type just got ditched into the category of ‘for another day’. 3 things stole the limelight tonight in the slightly worrying place that is my head.

The first thing is as shallow as it gets but still worth a mention. At tonight’s Brit Awards 2009, which I think was brilliantly hosted by James Corden, Mathew Horne and Kylie. Was it just me or is Natalie Imbruglia turning into a Carol Vorderman look-a-likey (there are worse fates in the world I’m sure most would agree). It was probably just her makeup and the lighting, especially when she was presenting on stage, but sure... judge for yourself:

Natalie Imbruglia
Carol Vordeman

The second thing is also TV related but I just have to mention it – Supernatural. For me anyway, its the best ‘not a repeat’ show on the TV at the moment. For anyone who hasn’t ever come across it before (where have you been?) I would have to describe it as a dark-comedy-action-horror-thriller; something like the X-Files meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer in a Chevrolet Impala. Anywho, we watched last Sunday's episode tonight and it was great as usual. Apparently it was the Halloween episode when it was aired in the States. It was all in Black and White to go with the theme of the episode. It reminded me a lot of the Captain Proton holodeck episodes and scenes from Star Trek Voyager - playing with the medium to go for the giggle and it worked on me :)

The third thing is maybe something everyone else already knew about but me. If that isn't true let me share with you this little secret that amazed me today...

It's a magical machine my future mum-in-law had built. A T-Shirt folding machine to be precise. And not just any kind of t-shirt folding machine, a YouTube inspired homemade Cardboard T-shirt folding machine.

In just 4 swift movements you can have a T-Shirt folded perfectly. Years of putting away piles of washing more misshapen than a crushed bag of unwanted prawn crackers are no more! By the way that’s also worth trying, something very therapeutic about crushing a bag of prawn crackers, almost bubble wrap worthy.

I didn’t have my camera on me, but here is the YouTube video demonstrating the production and use of such a handy device. This guy even goes one step further and makes it portable and gives it the ability to make a double upper fold. Its brilliant!

Upgraded T-shirt folding Machine

Should you be short of time and cardboard, there is still a way to speed up that removal from your chosen drying place to storage location. This also really does work, try it for yourself:

Japanese T-shirt folding in English

It seems the internet is finally trying to make up for some of that lost time we've all spent on it. How did we ever live without it!?

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