Wednesday, 25 February 2009

More pensioners should rollerblade!

This blog entry is just to bring to light a story from the BBC website. A 71 year old originally from Belfast was fined £300 for skating around a pedestrian area in Southport.

Here is the BBC's report, starting with CCTV footage of the Rollerblading pensioner which sadly stops just before he ... probably ... showed off his ollie on that bench in front of BHS.

I'm not going to comment on the fine though I reckon he should visit Belfast more regularly. He could show the skater kids who hang around in Custom House Square a thing or two and around these parts I doubt he'd get a fine so much as a pat on the back.

I love Northern English towns like Southport, they remind me so much of the one I grew up in - the folks in the clip aren't even batting an eyelid at someone old enough to be their Granddad whirling around fellow pedestrians. Too many TV 'set up' shows maybe?

Here in Belfast I would like to think most folks would at least give some encouragement. One observation I would make is that people tend to keep their eyes open a little more and not always look at the floor all the time, at least in Belfast. Saying that they aren't always looking forward.

I'm thinking with his new found celebrity status he could start a club. With a bit of funding maybe he could start up a skate park for the older generation. Though probably complete with extra padded surfaces and insurance liability waiver forms.

Who knows - before long and if enough can, we might get a 60+ x-games. Probably with no upward jumps though, I suspect that jumping would be a bit of an issue. Sure, my joints make noises they probably shouldn't and I've not even made a quarter of a century yet.

Even if the over 60's X-games doesn't come to fruition, long may Geoff be wheeling past us all. I for sure hope at the age of 71 I can be a likeminded loony and be rollerblading (with some skill I might add!) about the place to keep healthy. He for sure has this blogs support, though I would maybe advise to take an IPOD rather than using buskers, it’s a little less expensive in the long run or so it would seem.


  1. Wasn't he fined £2000? This geriatric on rollerblades is a real menace to society. Give me a break!

    Gotta hand it to him, he's pretty good on those skates.

  2. Kind of, he was also ordered to pay £1,800 in costs too but that was suspended for now due to an appeal that will be heard at a later date. So it might prove a bit more costly.

    Hehe, I wouldn't go as far as a menace but a bit misguided maybe? If he'd have hit anyone it would most likely have been himself who would come off worse.



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