Sunday, 8 March 2009

End of an era

1 Death, 3 days of work, 1 trip to Paris, 1 trip to Yorkshire and a funeral. Most defiantly not the usual or expected extended week I had envisaged but that’s how it happened to fall into place.

So it all began a week ago today with a call from my sister informing me that our Grandma had passed away. We had been over to visit her just before Christmas and although 76 years old we hadn’t at all expected that to be the last time we would see her. Sure we were still trying to work out how to get her up the stairs at our wedding venue in November as there isn’t a lift and she recently had to start using a walking stick. Alas when your times up, that’s it and with a heart attack there isn’t much anyone can do, not even in the hospital where she had arrived earlier the previous day.

Sadly, we weren’t very close, at least since I was a child. Family issues and past events and situations being the key factors. Still, it sure isn’t the news that you ever want to hear and it meant a sombre start to the week.

On Tuesday we found out the funeral date and thankfully it didn’t clash with my FiancĂ©e’s 25th Birthday and our wee trip to France. So after 3 stressful days at work and just getting back from our wee trip to Paris (more on that soon) we’re heading back to the international airport today to catch our flight to Manchester. From there it’s over the Pennines into Yorkshire for the Funeral tomorrow. Scarily the trip to Paris cost £40 less than the last minute ticket to fly to Manchester. Living far away from the rest of your family, when the need arises, it’s just one of those things you have to live with.

It’s for sure the end of an era though. It seems now that my sister and I have been nudged up to be the 2nd next generation to being the oldest alive. In my immediate family it leaves just my dad and 3 uncles and aunties in that present role.

Ever feel like you’re getting old?

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