Sunday, 1 March 2009

Jimmy Carr, explosive stuff!

After an amazingly funny show last year, we went along to watch Jimmy Carr at the Waterfront Hall again late last week. This show being Jimmy Carr: Joke Technician... and he didn’t disappoint! Even the bomb scare earlier that day at Victoria Square’s House of Fraser didn’t shake his form.

Jimmy Carr

Yet again he brought a laugh to every minute of the 2 hours or so that he was on stage. Sure it wasn't for the easily offended. As it points out on the Waterfront’s page for the show; “It`s rude, crude and offensive but those aren`t the only reasons you`ll enjoy it”. That proved to be no false advertisement. The 2000 plus of us humanoids sat around the acoustically moulded auditorium LOL’ing and LMAO’ing at the potentially offensive two liners, delivered with precision. They seemed to flow like music to our ears, each leading from the last laugh to the next.

The audience as ever played its part, one of the biggest laughs of the night came not from a scripted joke but after a young woman with a bit of guile piped up in response as Jimmy asked a question. Her response led to a bit of an amorous approach of wordplay and gestures towards her. Looking a bit young Jimmy did eventually check with her what age she was. As she announced to the room she was 16 years old, Jimmy let out a sigh of relief... short lived though as the quick minded folks in the room hastily brought to light that the age of consent, unlike the rest of the UK, is 17. Oops. After the laughter had died down, he showed his quick wit and came up with an ingenious plan. This plan was that he of course wouldn’t do anything here; he planned to take her on a luxurious Flybe flight for £26.99.

Chris Moyles also got a mention from the crowd in light of the Comic Relief climb up Mount Kilimanjaro and Jimmy (all be it slighty rigged) being beaten in a quiz by Dominic Byrne's 5 year old son on the Chris Moyles Breakfast show a wee while back.

As always with Jimmy Carr the jokes came fast and furious. Like Ken Dodd (but with less tax issues) he has so many gags in his act that it’s hard to comprehend how he remembers them all. At one point and admittedly using props that were probably used as a cue, he got through a cool 80 jokes in 10 minutes.

The themes for the majority of the gags were as varied as they come, from Hitler to Scrabble and Relationships to Dwarf Shortages there was something for everyone. Nothing is out of his reach for use as a gag and it’s not that he outright offends for laughs. He cleverly twists conventions and plays with language in a way even great literary figures would be proud of.

The worst part of the night was that it ended. When you’re going from laugh to laugh, time flies and before you know it its 10.45 and you’re heading out of the door but rerunning the jokes through your head. Outside in the rain you see hundreds of people also letting out an unprovoked smile and giggle and you know that they’re doing the same.

All in all a great show and well worth £20. In my opinion he’s a brilliant comic who really is up there as one of the best comedians in the U.K and Ireland at the present time. I for one can’t wait until he’s back with a new show.

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