Friday, 19 June 2009

Some positive news in Northern Ireland?

Since the news and blogosphere these days have more than catered for those wanting to wallow in the negative side of news and current affairs I thought I would put forward a bit of a change. After all, why should the minority of crazies lead our mindsets down the low road? Maybe it's time for some red sky at night, bloggers delight!

Ok, for the record, some people are nuts - we knew it before and it’s being proved every day. In the past months we’ve had reports of probably the worst abuse of human nature of recent times. A minority of those in positions of trust within the Church finally proven to have abused their power in a horrific manner. Not a new concept but we’ve also many a politicians thinking they are doing the world right by being obsessed with quick fixes and looking out for themselves and their short term futures both in their ideology and in their material gain. Other days it’s racists of all creeds and colours picking on a ‘group’ of people living nearby because someone convinced them it was a good idea and would somehow help their own problems. Like those targeting those of Romanian decent in South Belfast.

Also, no doubt, any a personal tragedy will be hyped to sell papers and as per usual the actions of the few will be fed back to the masses as being a worry trend of the many. On top of that take for instance a physiologically disturbed individual going on a gun spree somewhere. Someone else who might just be as vulnerable see’s the hype and the sensationalism of the media and before you know it, one in a billion is going to think in a twisted way that being a copycat is a good idea as they want that attention as well. Where does it end?

Now I’m not saying all bad news is going to lead to its own self fulfilling prophecy that will cause more of the same sort of behaviour. Obviously the majority of people on the planet can get by hearing the worst and not be compelled to do the same. However from my point of view, and I realise it’s almost as crazy to try and generalise (but I have to, my posts are long enough as it is!) it’s not helpful for anyone’s wellbeing. Sometimes the facts are enough when it comes to knowing the problems we all face.

Sorry for the reminder of such things... now on to the happy news that wasn’t on the front page of the news or on most people’s recent blog entries today and in past weeks...

Coming up soon is the Belfast City Carnival, I attended it last year and in the sun it was a fun couple of hours, well worth attending in Belfast on the 27th June from 1.30-3pm if you can. It marks the welcome of Belfast’s new Lord Mayor, Naomi Long and the theme of this year’s parade is Space and Astronomy. Should it be sunny, it should be a great show.

4 Irish League players, Colin Coates and Martin Donnelly from Crusaders F.C, Stephen Carson of Coleraine and until recently Linfield Goalkeeper Alan Mannus, make the (albeit depleted Northern Irish squad) and do local football proud keeping a respectable 3-0 score line against an Italy squad featuring 2 players with world cup winners medals and many more with multi million £ price tags. Here is a match report of the Friendly; Italy 3-0 Northern Ireland 0

New murals in Belfast representing the non-paramilitary past of the area, the local community and a brighter future.

This Sunday (21st June) for many in N.I a big event, the GAA Senior Football Championship which sees Derry take on Tyrone.

A bit trivial but warming story about a cat in Scotland who survived over a month accidentally trapped in an industrial container. Another reason why cats rock and dogs suck. Ok inquisitive enough to end up locked in a container for a month but robust and resilient and self sufficient enough to live through it. Maybe a sign that in the long distant future the odds of a Red Dwarf type Cat mightn’t be that far out of the realms of reality.

Maybe for the time being this link will still lead the way in putting a smile on our faces... Kitteh Heavenz with Lolcats 4 Teh Nom @

A little piece of history was unearthed by a 17 year old digging a hole. A medieval silver ring got pulled out of the ground that was to be replaced by a fence post. Maybe digging yourself a hole isn’t such a bad thing! Farmers-son-unearths-Medieval-treasure

As well as the numerous other events and good news stories that you’ll only hear down the pub or in the locally distributed free newspaper. For instance the last time any of the great work done by local football clubs in regards to community relations never seems to make the major press. The other good news, news of a more personal nature, is that Norn girl and I have booked our honeymoon. We’re well chuffed to be heading to Mauritius later in the year, and lucky enough to be in a position to do so! – A position much helped by some cost effective shopping around and our relatives help. After the inevitable stresses and strains of arranging the big day, it’ll be a once in a lifetime trip that we can’t wait to take to herald the beginning of our marriage.

I know it’s hard times for a lot of people and its easy to sit behind a keyboard and try to put the world to rights but it really isn't all doom and gloom. The current problems will pass, new ones will come and I don’t know about everyone else but I reckon it’s about time to concentrate on the bright side as best we can and make the most of this crazy little existance.

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