Saturday, 6 June 2009

Weekend of the weakened wandering week.

I don't know about everyone else but some weeks I just want to curl up and sleep and save up my energy for a different week. For me, this was one week I could have done a great tortoise impression. Does sod's/Murphy’s law exist? Or when the summer made it to Belfast for what is a rare occasion, was it just a pure mix of random chance that saw Norn Girl and I unable to frolic and play out in the sun?

It begun at the end of Last weekend when the blue sky appeared out of nowhere and the temperature soared. However this was also when Norn Girl fractured a bone in her foot. My daring fiancĂ©e Norn Girl would gladly admit to being a slight bit accident prone, though in her defence she's usually a little more than unlucky. At her dad’s house she was walking down the stairs when she missed a step and landed one further down than expected, the result, the top of her toes occupying the space ordinarily reserved for the ball of your foot. At first, when she appeared back outside in the sun we didn't realise it was broken but being sensible she made it to the hospital during the week and an x-ray confirmed she'd fractured it. Chance 1 - 0 Us

The week actually began ok, the sun was still shining and we had plans to go swimming and start going back to the Gym but the foot situation combined with me gettinggiven a training session to attend at the last minute on Monday scuppered that idea. Chance 2-0 Us

Tuesday was upon us and Norn Girl got her broken bone news. Although busy the weather was still great and optimism high. Sat on a chair in the kitchenNorn Girl was a star and made a dish she'd wanted to try to make for us - Balsamic Vinegar Chicken, and it was nom to the highest degree and somethingwe'll defiantly be keeping in mind to have again in the near future. Combined with watching the 7th Series of Scrubs that had arrived in the post the week, like the weather, seemed as though it might have turned. 2-1 and back in the game.

Like a usual romantic comedy, half way through the week and the good turns to bad as I wake up with a head cold. Being a numpty I head into work anyway and struggle through the day. With Norn Girl out of action and me being the walking dead with my mild case of man flu, we made a sorry sight when we gave into temptation and inability and ordered a takeaway. The delivery driver went to the wrong address but was quick to call and find us and we soon laid eyes on our dinner. We had ordered from the Ginger Tree Japanese restaurant. It was delicious and well worth the money, pretty much thesort of takeaway I've been hoping to find since, well ever! I got what is listed in the menu as Chicken Yakiniku and it was restaurant quality in a takeout container. Very impressed!

Even with my nose trying to audition for a new horror movie going by the title of 'Snot Sore' the day was a 1-1 draw, taking the score to 3-2.

Thursday we woke early to make it to the polling station. The sun was still there, warm and bright and teased us out into the light. My head however wasn't there and I felt like I'd just had someone poke a banana in my ear like poor Charlie the Unicorn. Not only that but someone had wedged a viscous acid down the back of my throat. Thankfully, unlike Charlie, my kidneys were still there but my insides were hurting a little too from all the sneezing and coughing. Voting went smoothly; we were only 2 of a few there. My 1 and 2 were pencilled into the paper and probably the stand of the booth too with the amount of pressure I put on the pencil to make the marks easily readable. After dropping the paper into the box I went to the bus stop with Norn Girl before doing the right thing by my health for once and headed back to the house. After calling work, I flumped back into bed. The sun and the world was whirling by outside but on this my first day off in quite a while (I don't get bank holidays) I was spending it laid up and leaking fluids. To rub salt into the wound or in this case more snot into my face, just when I shut my eyes and felt like I could get a quick nap in, a Diane Dodds canvassing van kept driving around the block filling the air with muffled sounds of desperation from its megaphone.

The day did end ok. I managed to make it out of bed by 5 thanks to a mix of tablets and headed to the post office in town. I was going to pick up parcels that had been unable to be delivered earlier in the week, one of which being semi wedding related... a new digital camera - not the newest of compact cameras but a rather expensive for my standards; Canon PowerShot SX110 IS. Thank you again to the lovely peoples who gave me money and vouchers for my Birthday.

Afterwards, still wrapped in my winter coat and probably the only one wearing a coat for miles, I made it to my mum-in-law to be's house for a wee gathering to talk aboutwedding related to-do's. Sadly even the Big Brother launch and another dose of the Japanese takeaway couldn't distract me from my now aching sides and inflamed internal head tubing. For me at least that made the score 4-2.

Friday, well I'm feeling a bit better though still full of gunk, Norn Girl is happy as we're planning to try and have a BBQ and as normal we're looking forward to the weekend.So far so good and I've made it through a day at work. I even got chance to try out the new camera and wow is it good! Probably helps that my standards aren't too high but what the hey!

Chance 4-3 Us.

So in retrospect maybe it wasn't such a bad week and sods law didn't completely scupper us. We still lost to chance on points but maybe a half full approach can tip the balance. So here's hoping for the sun to keep shining a little while longer and for a good weekend! Sure, bad things might mess up our plans and maim us but at least sods law keeps things unpredictable. I'll sneeze to that!

P.S since I typed this yesterday the blue sky has disappeared to be replaced by some type of stratus cloud and with it, the BBQ is rained off. Oh well! Sure, we’ll still try and enjoy the weekend anyway. A morning in bed not having to be out in the rain has already been the best time I’ve had all week!


  1. Northern Irish barbecues are what garages were invented for:) 5-3 take that sod!

  2. Bad luck mitigation sadly doesn't stretch that far for us, we don't have or have access to a garage :( sounds like a good plan though for anyone who does!

    On the plus side, we did pull it back against the sod today as we got a few more things ticked off the wedding list of to do's including putting a deposit on a honeymoon :D

    For sure a 4-4 leading into Sunday :)



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