Friday, 31 July 2009

Bits of Belfast - Part 2

North Belfast Kitteh

I stumbled to the supermarket after what proved a mind sapping day at work and found myself a dinner for one. I’m not used to this making something for one malarkey anymore. Thankfully it’s only a temporary situation, for tonight was another night for the girls of the wedding party to get together to discuss and plan plot for the wedding.

On my path from the tills to my sofa and with my bag of goodies for nom’s in hand (3 slices of beef, 1 still warm bread roll, a pack of cherry tomatoes, a tin of Sweetcorn, a litre of milk, a bag of frozen peas and the most important thing of all – a chocolate bar) I happened to stumble across a furry friend who made my day. A friendly tabby who just wanted some attention and revelled in a free head massage. I should probably state in clear cut terms that it was a cat. I’m not wandering the streets stroking just anything!

I dunno what it is about cats but when one has a friendly nature I find them one of the most wonderful creatures to be around. I was brought up with other members of the kitteh persuasion and I miss not being able to have a kitteh around the place. Landlords just don’t appreciate that the kitteh is a clean creature who usually head to take a leak in other peoples gardens and often burry their number 2’s - unlike the random drunk dude who once arrived at our door in the early hours of the morning banging on the door after giving a golden shower to our path.

Sure, I could have gone all out and used the kitteh family name; Felidae, but kitteh has a ring to it, and like most LOLspeak its worryingly addictive. Oh hai! I haz nom’s now plez? The answer being, hadz noms but wud needz halps to getz thru. The giant maize, beef and tomato sandwiches were great though! has a lot to answer for but it sure is a nice realise. Norn Girl forwarded me this one recently that made me make a noise I’m finding hard to describe. It was along the lines of a scoff, a grunt, a hiccup and a laugh:

funny pictures of cats with captions
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To tie this little furry story all together, in the absence of my fair maiden to wedding planning, I have done my bit! Focusing on the wedding vows, just as an option, I'll be putting forward LOL Speak Wedding vows.

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