Monday, 30 August 2010

Party miniatures, its the little things.

Party table sceneLast night was good fun! As mentioned on my twitter page prior to the event, we were headed to a family 50th Birthday party and it proved to be just the thing for us all to have a good laugh and catch up with fun people we usually only get to spam through Facebook. Such is the way of the world in this day and age. Its almost like these events are suffering a real shortage.

After a taxi to the venue we arrived only to find that we had perhaps got there a little early. Well, we were on time but just early for everyone else but it wasn't so bad though as we had time to get settled down and get ourselves comfortable for the evening. The tables were all nicely decorated with balloons, party poppers and foil shiny shapes with stars and '50's and Happy Birthdays and the likes which I found to my satisfaction to be immense fun to play with, especially with a camera around.

Foil Party Miniatures

Before long the bar was opened and the drinks were in. Several of the decorations ended up in and around my pint of Guinness. The foil shapes tended to float which was good, after becoming a little daring we also found that with the flat edge of a halved peanut, the said half a peanut also sits nicely on a head of the Guinness... one to try when you're next at a bar.

Guinness Stars

The evenings festivities got under-way and everyone had a good time. The live band were great and the inflatable zimmer frame was in full use. A tasty buffet filled us all and camera's were flashing all the time. Sober or drunk everyone was dancing, singing and laughing in their seats or on the dance floor... me being a member of the first group much to my wife's dissatisfaction but sometimes two left feet really are best left under the table.

Time flew by and it was soon last orders and time to head on. The birthday boy, Norngirls Uncle, seemed to have had a brilliant night which is what its all about - slightly tippsy in the small hours he was trying to fathom who was the most sarcastic between Norngirl's sister and cousin... its a tough call as both have a refined talent seemingly honed by the inter-webs and a similar taste in TV shows.

Miniature Stars

There really are too few good excuses to have a good party and by party I don't mean the heading out to the clubs and throwing up in the streets at 3am type party. I mean the type of party where you have chance to take some photos and catch up with people, good times.

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