Wednesday, 25 August 2010

What's that small moon shaped ball in the sky?

Sturgeon Full moon in BelfastTonight I finally managed to get a half decent photo of lunar proportions and that was before I'd even seen the news. That news was highlighted to me by a friend on Facebook... yep, that high quality source of information... that tonight's full moon is the Sturgeon Moon. That means that our favourite natural light reflecting satellite is at its peak of veering off course for a wee while before twirling a little closer again soon. Here is the National Geographic's description of the wee moon in the sky which gives a little more detail of such events. According to the Farmer Almanac, it is a full moon named after the slippery scaly water dweller which the fishermen seemed to catch a lot of around the time.

To say the moon was meant to be smaller,  it seems its absence managed to make me notice it even more, even through the glare of the street lights of lower North Belfast. Maybe a vague absence really does make the digital camera zoom closer? No, that's not right...

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