Tuesday, 21 September 2010

A little bit more of Yorkshire

Old coastal defences at Spurn PointA whistle stop day trip (though 200 miles +) around the East Coast of Yorkshire in photo form, from Sutton Hill to Scarborough and on to Spurn Point, all from a week last Saturday but better late than never... which is still the plan for posts about our wedding last year and our honeymoon too... I will get around to it sometime soon, even if its just a photo post... like this one :)

An hour or so into the ride and my dad had us to Sutton Bank, we were looking for the car park nearest the vantage point and ended up climbing the hill, driving back down the hill then up the hill again. Not an easy feat given the hill is closed to large vehicles due to its steep and windy incline. It was worth it though as the panoramic view was pretty picturesque.

Picturesque view from Sutton Bank N.Yorks

View from Sutton Bank North Yorkshire

A while later we landed in Scarborough and my dad and I headed to the Castle and as you can tell I liked to take photos in and around it. The audio tour was pretty nifty too, it added a lot to the walk around the headland, stories of times gone by and explanations of why there were big bits missing from meter thick stone walls.

Scarborough Castle from below

Scarborough Castle wall and bayClose up of Scarborough Architecture

View from Scarborough headland North

Bird of Prey

Scarborough headland looking south

Scarborough Castle

Dramatic view of Scarborough Castle

After a ride down the front and a fridge magnet later it was on to Bridlington, home of many childhood memories but this time, filled with a ride on the waltzers and some close encounters of the bird kind.

Bridlington Seagull

Bridlington Harbour at low tide

We then made the short journey back up the coast to Flamborough Head to have a look at the lighthouse and whimp out of the walk down to the cliffs. Time as you can imagine was getting on by now, yes, that shall be our excuse!

Flamborough lighthouse

View of Flamborough cliffs from the headland

When we got going again it was to visit Hornsea but we didn't stay long, we spent almost as long staring at the wind farm on the road to Spurn Point.

Windfarm in East Yorkshire

And Spurn or Spurn Point or Spurn Head was where we made it to next. Formed by longshore drift depositing bits of the cliffs we saw earlier its quite a sight. Though a bit of a bird watchers paradise, we were more intrigued by being able to see the sea on either side of the road and having a paddle. It is certainly a sight of natural beauty even with the use as a lifeboat station and the heavy shipping passing by. Despite all that it is quite a tranquil place.
View of the Humber Estuary from Spurn head

Old lighthouse and sand bank of Spurn Point

Lifeboat station at the Spurn Point

Ship in the Humber Estuary

Old lighthouse and beach Spurn Point

The sun was starting to dip beyond Hull so we made tracks and not just in the sand blowing over the road. We had made it to the Humber Bridge just before sunset and £2.70 paid to one of the people in the toll booths and we were zipping over the 2km+ stretch of water 100ft in the air.

Humber Bridge

From the Humber Bridge we drove off into the sunset through North Lincolnshire, cut a corner of South Yorkshire and back to the early night in West Yorkshire where some fresh water to wash the sand from our feet awaited us.

Sunset from the Humber Bridge

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