Saturday, 26 February 2011

Belfast Graffiti

Walking around Belfast City Centre (amongst the mixture of great and horrible architecture) some real gems of art can be seen and they're not stuck away at the top of the Museum after having millions of pounds spent to bring the works to town. Here are my favourites:

Purple Faced Girl Graffiti

Sleeping Owl Graffiti

I've not a clue who the artist is but they're very close to one another - on what is a seemingly derelict building, whoever spray painted it did a brilliant job of cheering the place up!

Not all graffiti seems to be arty though, someone with a sense of humour gave me a smile with this one. I've heard of the Why Bird Stop, The Poppy Stop and the Playground Stop but if you head down Royal Avenue at the moment you can find The No Entry Jelly Stop:

It's the Jelly Stop

To be honest, I'm not usually one to appreciate graffiti, the usual stuff I see seems to be found on bus stops and tends to look like a big doodling mess:

Bus Stop Graffiti


  1. I love the first two pictures. I have them on my blog too :) The top one is especially beautiful.

  2. No jelly entry. :-)

    There's a stretch of highway in rural Wisconsin, a winding, hilly road, where someone has painstakingly changed all the "No Passing Zone" signs to "No Pissing Zone". It must go on for more than 30 miles.

    You gotta admire the commitment.


  3. Love the first pic where abouts was it taken?

  4. @Katie, Cool, do you know of any more impressive street art around town? Bit of a random question but any idea if the two you took a pic of on are maybe still out there and where abouts they were at the time?

    @Pearl, LOL! Over in England there is a spit (sandbank going out into the sea) called Spurn Point and the road that leads to the lifeboat house has signs all the way down it where someone has done the exact same thing - maybe no pissing zones are spreading! Lmao though 30 miles of no pissing zones must be terrible for anyone caught short.

    @Belfast Cabby, It's just down Lower Garfield Street just past the barbers and opposite the Deer's Head bar.

  5. Not much of artistic value but there is a nice scrawl of "has anyone got any salmon? Lovely" in Shaftesbury Square which always make me laugh with thoughts of the Shamen and early 90s dance music

  6. I really like the art by the John Hewitt and the Duke of York. I wish I could tell you where abouts the other pics where taken...I can't remember the exact spot, as I stumbled across them by accident. They were on the wall by a parking lot, I think also pretty near the John Hewitt...Really not sure if they're still there or not.

    I used to love looking for street art around the city. I really miss not being there anymore!

  7. I miss searching for ANCO---> with my husband on outings, competing to see who could find the most. My current city doesn't have little gems like that.



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