Friday, 25 March 2011

That was Early March in Belfast...

The months seem to be literally flying by like someone has a super dense ball of matter they're using to distort regular space time with. Thankfully for my memory, I was taking lots of pictures (as usual) this month and to prove to the world as well as myself that there was actually a period of time between the end of February through to mid March - here are a few snap shots from around the beautiful city of Belfast that I haven't yet had chance to share with you...

St Anne's Sqaure and Cathedral

On the 28th February, St Anne's Square and St Anne's Cathedral looked the part as the blue skies faded as dusk descended.

Then, on the 6th March I happened to be passing through East Belfast around the Strand Cinema and as always it was looking rather chilled with it's 1930's Art Deco Streamline Moderne Style:

The Strand Cinema at night in East Belfast

On the 8th March, Chichester Street was looking a little wet:

Chichester street and Victoria Square

On the 11th March, the gloomy skies were still pouring rain onto the streets of Belfast but even against the dull grey clouds, the signs of spring were starting to take shape with buds sprouting on the trees:

Does it grow on trees?

Then it came to the 13th, maybe an unlucky number for some but never as unlucky as the Titanic. May 31st will be the anniversary of the ill-fated ships launch and the Landmark Titanic Quarter building is really starting to take shape:

Landmark Titanic Quarter Building Belfast

Nautically inspired sights filled the day, as would most wanders around Belfast's waterfront. Here, down by Clarendon docks lives the Flying Angel of the Flying Angel Seafarers Centre:

The flying angel seafarers building Belfast

In East Belfast again and there was Goliath, the smallest H&W Crane of Samson and Goliath, who was looming over some houses that were seemingly hiding in bushes. Samson and Goliath don't half get about town.

Yellow Crane in the bushes

Meanwhile, things in town were looking up... oh wait, that was just me...

Belfast up high

The 14th was soon throwing up some amazingly colourful skies. Dusk and the sunsets that came with that time of day were quite spectacular.

Belfast Urban Jungle

Sunset and the Belfast Squiggle

Sadly the colourfully silhouetted scenes were soon replaced by darkness but in the last of the day's light the River Lagan was still looking pretty.

The River Lagan Belfast


  1. Lovely post, thanks. :)

  2. If you have more photos of the Cathedral Quarter, feel free to send me some. I'll be visiting there shortly.

  3. These are such gorgeous shots! I had no idea what Belfast looked like and it looks so modern! I must get around to visiting soon...



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