Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Belfast Street Art

Just following on from the post last month, here is a little more graffiti from around the Cathedral Quarter of Belfast - well I say graffiti - in this case I think it's better described as street art, especially with those colourful pieces of art that must have been commissioned.

Just around the corner of the same building as the owl and the purple girl with eyes wide open (from this previous post) lives another purple faced portrait with closed eyes:

A Street Art portrait on a Shutter

Hiding further up North Street in a slightly run down car park is a fun wall of bright colours and characters:

Street art in a Belfast car park

Street art in a Belfast car park close up

Amongst the flats facing St Anne's Cathedral can be found this odd bottle like Frankenstein's Monster...

Graffiti in Belfast Cathedral Quarter

Along Donegal Street can be found a shop decorated from shutter to wall...

Painted shop wall in Belfast

Painted shop shutter in Belfast

And last but not least, cutting down towards Henry Street you'll run into the decorated walls of the Black Box and surrounding buildings:

Black Box wall fresco

Black Box wall fresco Panda

Running paint on well know Belfast wall art

The things ya find having a wander!


  1. Beats some of the crap we have around here: finding some moron's name spraypainted on my garage gets under my skin, ya know what I mean?


    Greetings from Minneapolis!


  2. awesome stuff. love the one with the panda, psychedelic!

  3. I love these! I have pictures of a few of these too ;) I'm looking forward to another trip about the city to find some more too :)



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