Monday, 23 May 2011

Another walk up the Cave Hill in Belfast

I say another walk up the Cave Hill but the last (and first) time I did this was 11 months before, that time I wandered up on a day off by myself but this time Norngirl was with me and luckily the view hadn't gone away.

Belfast Lough from the Cave Hill Country Park

As I went into detail last time, this time I'll just go through this two words or less per picture and let the images be your guide. Well that and Norngirl if you'd like to head over to her blog for a summary of our walk.

This way!

Cave Hill Country Park sign and Napoleons Nose

Pretty Blossoms

Cherry Blossom

Bird Pole

Bird of Prey Sculpture Cave Hill Country Park

Greeny Blue?

Blue and Green Forest Floor

Field O'Tree


Couples view

Belfast Lough Panorama form Cave Hill

In Shadow

Cave Hill Shadows

Chosen Path

Tree along the path

Bit Bumpy

Cave Hill Scene

Grassy Detail

Cave Hill Grass

Belfast Rocks

Outcrop on the Cave Hill

Fern Ahead

Curly Fern

Rocky Road

Cave Hill Scene

Cave Hill

Cave Hill Belfast


Cave Hill Forest Floor

Leaf Relief

Light of the Forest Floor

Ferned On


Smurf Bridge

Tree Arch Forest Scene - Cave Hill Belfast

Daisy End



  1. Thank you again for your Ulster images. Although Corfu is known as the 'Green Island' much of it it the duller ever-green variety. No bluebells here either - the most evocative symbol of Spring for me.

  2. Gorgeous photography. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, this post was a mouthful.



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