Saturday, 21 May 2011

End of April - A quick flash back

So back at the end of April and it was plenty of trips to the gym and walking past St Anne's Catherdal, sometimes the view was better than others and this was one of the better occasions on the 19th.

St Anne's Cathedral Pink Sky

Soon after, my new camera arrived and with it the chance to take a picture of the restraunt that was called Hooligan the first time we visited it. It is now called Made in Belfast Cathedral Quarter. The fish finger sandwich was relegated to the lunch menu and I really wasn't impressed with the veg curry I had on another visit (portions had shrunken too) but we did try the other Made in Belfast before the Irish Cup final in may and liked that one a lot so will give the MID Cathedral Quarter another chance to impress again another time.

Made in Belfast Cathedral Quater

On the 21st there was time for some photos of St Anne's Square as I got playing with my camera's new fancy features some more on another trip to the gym.

St Anne's Square Belfast

St Anne's Square sculpture

St Anne's Cathedral

On the 22nd the Victoria Square cut out people were reminding me I needed to buy stuff for our holiday in May... like sun cream and some new swim shorts. Though I didn't buy anything from this particular shopping centre in the end. Garments shouldn't cost more than cameras, that's all I'm saying.

Victoria Square Entrance

The plants on the window sill were still enjoying the warm days and gave me some chance to see what the macro ability of the magical picture device was like.

Basil Plant Leaves

Then on the 23rd, Crusaders played at Seaview for the last home game of the season and with a 3-1 victory over Portadown secured 2nd place in the league.

Crusaders FC Seaview Panorama

This is the last game Seaview would look like this with the terracing at each end of the pitch for construction work was already well under way to remove the terracing and put in place 2 new stands and facilities. Good times!

Seaview Redevelopment

That Sunday on the 24th, the sun was still out and in our garden of Dandelions, the local wildlife was at work pollenating the pretty army of weeds. Little did they know Norngirl was going to soon put a bottle of herbicide to work... muwhahahahahahahahaha.

Dandelion and Bee

The 24th was also know as Easter Sunday and as such we headed to visit the family and Norngirl's sister made this awesome cake of a bloody nosed Easter rabbit.

Easter Bunny Cake

There was still time before the end of the month for the trip out on Easter Monday to Tollymore Forest Park and Newcastle as well as another walk around the Cave Hill on the 30th.


  1. I have never seen a rabbit cake before. It is, ummmm, interesting. Anyway, I liked the dandelion picture. It's clear, sharp and colorful. Looks like you picked a good camera!

  2. A beautiful insight into the Ulster Scene. Keep them coming.



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