Sunday, 31 July 2011

Our day trip to Lluc and Sóller.

During our holiday to Mallorca in May of this year we went on a day trip. It was a visit to the Monastery at Lluc, a trip through the northern mountainous region of Mallorca towards the Port of Sóller, into Sóller itself and then back to our hotel.

Mountainous Mallorca

It was the best excursion/day trip I can remember being on and I'm not exaggerating. As you know I don't affiliate link or make a penny from this blog but if ever I was to recommend a tour some place, this is one I would recommend for the experience it gave. It was a no frills excursions tour which turned out to be perfect for us as it seems to be on Trip Advisor for many more people too. As you know I don't like advertising businesses and I when I do so it's generally only because they've impressed us far beyond what we expected. This was a great tour, it was on time and did what it said on the tin but more importantly it had a really informative and great guide and had no hard sells or 'visits' to carpet factories and other retail opportunities. As I said, our guide was great and excellent at his job, his name was Joan (pronounced John when said in English rather than Mallorquin) and he gave a great local feel and insight to the tour, helping us along but also being understanding when we wandered off on our own little adventures during the trip - giving us advice too.

Although I can't go into it minute for minute as it was months ago and I'm pressed for time, here are some highlights of the tour:

Before we got to Lluc it was a trip along the ma-10 through the heart of Pollensa where the view was the image at the start of the post.

First stop was the Monastery at Lluc:

Lluc Monestary and grounds

There we went into the Monastery but Norngirl and I decided to go for a walk along a long path and up the hill for the views.

Lluc Monastery Walk

And found the big metal cross at the top.

Lluc Monastery Cross

Then found the awesome views of the surrounding valley and hills.

Hills around Lluc

Afterwards it was into the Monastery to listen to the choir and look at the ornate interior.

Lluc Monastery

Afterwards we found a place to get some water (and in Norngirls case - a small beer). When we came out of the shop we found a local cat who had also got hold of a snack.

Bird being eaten by Monastery Cat

Leaving the cycle of life to its own, we headed back onto a fun ride through the Mallorquin hills and the journey took in some cool karst (limestone) scenery. We didn't stop but some dude had done and this was taken from the coach:

Tourist taking in limestone scenery in Mallorca

Next up was a stop at a vantage point over looking Soller and the Port of Sóller.

 View of Port de Sóller from the hills

After a brief walk we were by the marina and had a look at the boats:

 Port de Sóller harbour

Before having a picnic by a metal tree sculpture/water feature.

 Port de Sóller metal tree

We then had a ride on a tram to the main part of Sóller.

Sóller to Port de Sóller tram

Where we were taken on a short walking tour around the town.

Central Sóller

And had a drink in front of the Church of St. Bartholomew.

Church of St. Bartholomew in Sóller

Sóller Angel

Before heading back to the bus.


The journey home was really nice, we were almost given a what's what of Mallorquin agriculture and life in Mallorca before being dropped off back in front of our hotel. It really was a great day and we really enjoyed it, if you read this Joan, thanks for the great tour :)

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  1. I'm so jealous of you. Those pictures are stunning!



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