Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The rest of our Mallorca trip.

Following the beginning of the week where we realised our inability to relax which was then followed by some fun days out where we realised we could relax, the rest of our week in Mallorca was at a leisurely pace.

Acorn in the Sea

Here is a photo heavy guide to the rest of our trip.

As well as the tranquil views from our balcony...

Tranquil Mallorca

We spent the days after our day trip relaxing at the beach:

Rocks by the beach

And by the pool:

Round pool

We also visited Alcudia old town again:

Alcudia panorama

A tourist shop in Alcudia

Tight streets of Alcudia

And this time we went for a walk on the walls.

Walking on the walls of Alcudia

The walls gave a good vantage point to scope out the rest of the area.

Alcudia walls panorma

View from the walls of Alcudia

Alcudia walls

We were looking for a supermarket at the time but what we did find was this water tower looking thing which was kinda cool.

At the bottom of the garden

We did venture out and made it to the quieter end of the port of Alcuida again looking for souvenirs.

Port de Alcudia harbour and beach

Port de Alcudia sandy beach

A couple of days before they were building up for the Ironman but the most exertion we expelled was to sip some hot drinks like this lovely Rooiboss.

Mallorca Ironman 2011

Rooiboss in Alcudia

We also spent a fair bit of time on evenings at the bar. Our laptop power cable had given up on us so we couldn't continue to watch How I Met Your Mother so we made the most of the hotels entertainment as well as inventing our own such as the Elephant trunk pump 'high five' secret handshake.

Elephant bump five

We also headed out and took in a bit of the local nature in Alcanada.

Hiding Fish

Sea Bird

Isla Aucanada Panorama

Isla Aucanada

Washed up seaweed in Alcanada

Alcanada evening sky

On the last day we found a new addiction; the hotels' Spa. The jets and jacuzzi bits of the pool were great and after going once we got the feel for it and spent most of the afternoon there too until we'd gone all wrinkly.

Eurovision at the hotel

Then that night we sat down with people from several places in Europe to watch Eurovision. Blue were pants but then so were a lot of the acts. In the end I think we went away happiest with the result because the UK didn't come last :)

Overall, Mallorca was a great place to visit, I could see how it could be a horror story in places we were not staying but where we went and what we found to do was better than most islands I've visited in the Med. In the end it did turn out to be relaxing and a good place to unwind and it's certainly on a list of places I wouldn't mind returning to at some point in the future.

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