Monday, 3 October 2011

The Five Rise Locks in Bingley

Bingley in West Yorkshire isn't the biggest or most exciting town in the UK, but nor does it try to be, that isn't it's claim to fame or charm. One thing it has that surpasses most other towns of it's size - apart from it's handy location along the River Aire and the view of the Aire Valley - is it's staircase locks along the Leeds Liverpool Canal. Per wikipedia, the steepest flight of locks in the UK.

Lock on the Leeds Liverpool Canal

Back in August we visited my family and during the trip headed up to Bingley. Whilst there we had a wander along the canal up along the Five Rise Locks and back into the valley again. Here are a few photos from our walk that day including some of the local non-human inhabitants:

If this photo looking into the canal looks odd it's because it's upside down.
Upside down canal reflections

The ducks liked the bread we brought them:
Duck on the canal

Duck by the Leeds Liverpool Canal

The Five Rise Locks themselves we rather impressive as locks go.
Five Rise Locks on the Leeds Liverpool Canal

Five Rise Locks overflow channel

Locks on the Leeds Liverpool Canal

Five rise locks

5 rise locks Bingley

Barges lined the canal at the top of the locks.
Barges on the Leeds Liverpool Canal

And the view of Bingley was like stepping back in time (excluding the telephone lines) even though a lot of this part of town is refurbished from the original mills or just built onto the old in the same style.

Flowers on Sandstone


The local livestock were quite friendly with one another...
Cows in a field

Seed covered plant

This resident cat took a curiosity in my camera and got a stroke for it's portrait.
Local Bingley Cat

Flowers by the Leeds Liverpool Canal

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