Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The rest of our August Yorkshire Trip

Was all a bit squished together like this:

I left out Norngirl getting stung by a wasp or the ref ruining the game at Elland Road but there was certainly a drink or two and a railway museum, a bit of York, Leeds and Lotherton Hall.


  1. I love the railway museum in York. I love all of York really :) It sounds like a good trip :)

  2. We were slightly disappointed by the amount of trains adults can technically climb all over (*cough* didn't actually prevent us* but yeah it was pretty cool :)

    I hadn't been there since I was very small and it was Norngirls first visit to the museum. We do love York though, very nice place to wander around. I always get the urge to go to the Jorvik Viking Centre and feel slightly disappointed when we aren't going there but this time was a flying visit and the weather stayed nice for us when we were outdoors.

    It was a nice trip, they can take the randomer out of Yorkshire but can't take the Yorkshire out of the randomer :)



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