Friday, 6 April 2012

Somewhere in Midtown Manhattan

After a week in the US and having stayed in Washington and Manhattan, it was the day we were heading over the river to experience a bit more of Brooklyn, but as seems to always be the case in the heart of New York, there is always something else to do before you leave.

New York Downtown Skyline

It was sad to leave a room with such an awesome view. Even the legally required tall building water tanks looked pretty from our window.

NYC Wooden Water Tanks

But we pulled ourselves away, checked out and left our bags to collect later then ventured out to have lunch in Grand Central Terminal. I wasn't impressed with the food at Juniors but I was with the closer look at what is a really grand building. 

Grand Central Station and Chrysler Building

We even had a go at whispering in the whispering gallery which was good fun and did our own 'printed off the internet' walking tour.

Train Station Chandeliers

What wasn't so fun was visiting the public toilets to take a leak. I was met by what can only be described as a naked old dude. The US sure has a major homeless problem, and amongst the business men and tourists were folks who seemingly have to go through the indignity of washing in the sinks of public conveniences. 

Norngirl has a much more detailed report of this half a day if you'd like to know the ins and outs but suffice to say that we fitted plenty into a few hours.

After we'd searched for some hard to find candy for a present, we admired the Chrysler Building a bit as it's Norngirls favourite skyscraper and rather pretty.

Chrysler Building

The top of it especially as it does tend to hide behind the other buildings somewhat.

Close Up of the Chrysler Building Roof

Next we had a look around the museum part of the New York Public Library which was full of all sorts of random artefacts from recent history.

New York Public Library Lion

After that it was the trek back to the hotel via Bryant Park and it's tall neighbours.

Skyscrapers near Bryant Park

Though we were still to do plenty of subway riding back and fourth, with bags collected and in hand, we set off to the next hotel. Next stop, Brooklyn.


  1. I didn't realize you were in New York for so long! You definitely made it worth your while, and covered a lot of ground. Your photos make New York seem much prettier and interesting than I remember.

  2. Thanks, we tried :)

    We were in the NYC area for about 9 days in total (mostly in Manhattan, a few days in Brooklyn).



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