Sunday, 8 April 2012

Moving House - One Piece of Fluff at a Time

Beetle helping us move house Helped by our new beetle friend who took it upon itself to help transport some fluff outside, we're currently in the strung out process of moving house. Thanks for the help little creature!

It's amazing how quickly a few years flies by. I can still vividly remember moving into the house we currently rent and yet I look at the post I made the last time we moved and 3 years have passed us by.

The house we're in has served us well but we're moving on to pastures new for Norngirl and me to be closer to our work places and also to rent somewhere with a bit more space. The preparations have been a good time to de-clutter, binning the rubbish and sending bags of books, clothes and miscellaneous stuff to new homes via charity shops. There is something satisfying about getting rid of the clutter... though I have been looking at the bags and wondering just where all the stuff came from in the first place. Like the weeds/snails etc in the Sims Social game on Facebook, I'm sure that when we've been away for a while, random stuff just materialises onto the property - the thing being in real life you don't get money for having to tidy it all away - damn you reality!

So the count is now up to 7 moves in 10 years, at least we got a full 3 years where we are now before getting the urge to move again. 3 years in a house, that's settled right? Sure, if I dare say so myself, we are just awesome tenants - it'd be impolite and selfish of us not to share ourselves around all the estate agents and landlords.

As always, moving is tiring and a little stressy but it'll hopefully be worth it when we get to our new place. You see we've not technically signed the lease yet, so I don't want to jinx it, but if all goes to plan we're hopefully moving over to East Belfast. We've spent plenty enough time during the day there before but neither of us has ever lived in County Down before... I kinda feel like we're cheating on Antrim a bit but sure, it's all Belfast. The biggest downside will be being further away from relatives and also from Seaview for the football but we'll just be a couple of buses away so no big deal. We're just having to hope it'll all go to plan with the move, hopefully it will or we might be sleeping in the removal van! Time will tell.

In hopeful anticipation of a successful move, does anyone know of any hidden, lesser known gems of things to do in that neck of the woods? Any underground sci-fi conventions, East Belfast Crusaders supporters clubs or maybe some yummy pasty selling bakeries we just haven't yet heard about yet?

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