Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Back to the Brooklyn Brewery

After a quick ride to Brooklyn on the Subway we made our way to the hotel we were staying in and settled in to our hotel room. This was the afternoon of the 10th February 2012 and the day we found our way back to the Brooklyn Brewery.

Brewery Sign on Brick Wall

Norngirl went into our reasons for visiting Brooklyn and where we stayed in, a lot more detail in her blog post about it. The main memory from the evening of this day however was that as tired as we were from getting the bags across the city on public transport, we were also just as excited to be jumping on a bus to visit our friend from our last visit - the Brooklyn Brewery happy hour.

This, our 2nd ever visit, didn't disappoint. There were a few changes to the beer menu from before - with some new ones to try, but the atmosphere and the room were pretty much the same, the sacks of malt we'd sat on last time were not there this time but there were a few more seats/tables and barrels to prop yourself up against. We'd found our happy place again.

This time we had the pleasant surprise of having a Bjork's Icelandic choir, Graduale Nobili taking time out from their beer to sing us all a few numbers - like this:

Of course we were also drinking some nice beer at the time. My favourite has to be the Blast, it's just yummy yet still very light and refreshing for such a high strength beer.

Anyway, we got to see Monster the Cat again - here is is from the first time we were there.

Brooklyn Brewery Cat

He's a star these days with his very own blog, facebook page and everything!

You have to give it up to the folks who run the place, their marketing is pretty awesome but it's hard to argue with it when the product is so yummy.

Btw, I dunno if anyone reads my twitter, but if you do, you'd have seen that Boojum on Chichester Street in Belfast was selling some of the Brooklyn Lager and even some of the Chocolate Stout (something we never got to try at the Brewery itself).

They've now started to sell Brooklyn Brewery beer at Tesco (in the Knocknagoney Tesco as well as online)... which is why our fridge currently looks like this:

Brooklyn Brewery Lager Bottles in Fridge Draw

I consider this the happy side of Capitalism. Damn you Brooklyn Brewery for having such nice beer! Saying that, in my beer ratings, the nicest BB's are still a tiny bit short of my favourite beer in the world - Theakstons Old Peculier (on draught). Never the less... if we're ever state side again, we'll certainly be back!

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