Friday, 25 May 2012

Browns Bay, Islandmagee.

Way back when - at Easter to be precise - we visited Brown's Bay where we had a nice family Picnic.

Browns Bay beach

Browns Bay is a small sandy bay that can be found at the end of the Islandmagee peninsula - just 2km away from Northern Ireland's largest power station - Ballylumford. Though very close to Larne, there isn't a lot there - just enough for it to be a quite destination to enjoy a walk along the beach or take a bit of time out. The bay is located at the end of the peninsular and with no bridge, the area is still largely rural beyond the power station. The highlights of the bay are it's beach, a rambling walk that extends onto farm land, a camp site, a car park, some restrooms and a shop.

Scenic Route Sign at Browns Bay

We only took in the beach, the car park and a little bit of the walk.

Browns Bay Islandmagee

Browns Bay Northern Ireland

Thankfully, the weather held off raining until after we left though we still found ourselves eating in the car but the weather was decent enough for us to have chance to enjoy the beach even if it was a bit cold to stay outside for too long.

Norngirl tried her best to get an old kite to work, her family took a walk and I went for a paddle in the sea.

Paddling in the sea

The tide was in whilst we were there and the water was freeeeeeeezing. I managed to keep my feet dipped in natures salty bath just long enough to get a few photos of some of the waves.

Surf at Browns Bay

Waves at Islandmagee

The beach was quite pretty and to say how close 'as the crow flies' it is to somewhere like Larne (with a ferry port and power station) the beach was in a pretty good state too.

Dried seaweed on the sand

Sure there was the odd plastic carrier bag floating around in the surf but that was the worst of it, indeed the only thing strewn across the beach was washed up seaweed.

Plastic bag floating in the sea

I had a quick walk along the side of the bay along the trail hikers were taking and there were some flowering bushes and plants between the sea and the fields.

Browns Bay Panorama

Yellow flowers

White flowers

Back at the car we had our Picnic which was delicious.

Picnic in the boot

Delicious indeed was this sandwich made from the yummy red onion bread that my mother-in-law had bought from St Georges Market.

Onion Bread

SO we ate the picnic in view of the shallow waves that lapped up against the shore whilst the ferry to Scotland heading out of Larne harbour passed by in the distance.

P&O Ferry Larne

We headed home when the rain started, a certain pitfall to outings in Ireland. Though the visit to the beach put us in good spirits, unfortunately it didn't do any good in regards to the cold we'd come down with at the time but it was a very nice way to spend a few hours.

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  1. What a gorgeous post and I can't believe you were brave enough to step in the sea in April!

    I love the first photo with the sea debris and your landscapes too, but strangely enough, I like the one of the car park and signage the most!!



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