Monday, 25 June 2012

Some Snapshots of Brooklyn

In the few days we visited Brooklyn, we stayed in a hotel on Atlantic Avenue. Along that street were a few interesting shops with some interesting items outside them - like this life sized replica of a cow.

Cow on cow in Brooklyn

And this metal chicken which I'm sure the Bloggess has landmarked several times over.

Brooklyn Metal Chicken on a snowy day

We ventured into several shops around the area over the few days. One of them was a laundrette to do some mid-vacation washing - we picked the smaller one with fewest people in as the big one we went into had lots of people staring at us expecting us to announce we were lost or something. Some of the others were Charity shops (thrift stores) as you just never know what awesome item you didn't know you needed might be awaiting it's arrival in your life. There was something of a more of a relaxed atmosphere in Brooklyn compared to the managed madness of Manhattan.

Here are a few pictures from the streets we wandered up and down the most:

Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn

Stephen Powers' Love Letters to Brooklyn

Fulton Mall in Brooklyn

Some might say it was a little too relaxed... like the lady who sat near us in a Dunkin' Donuts shop who was expressing her annoyance to a friend about the audacity of the NYPD for having recently arrested her for shoplifting lipsticks. The reason for her annoyance - that she had not been arrested in 13 years and thought they'd cut her a break for that sort of good behaviour (or more than likely, good fortune).

A lot of the time we were venturing back and fourth to other parts of New York but on the day we visited the Brooklyn Flea market held in Skylight One Hanson - the old bank building (more on that soon) we also saw the construction site of the new Barclays Centre.

Barclays Center Brooklyn

It was a much different experience to staying in Manhattan but a nice change of pace and we were very happy that we chose to stay there for a few days of our trip even if we did end up back in Manhattan a lot of time.

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