Thursday, 12 July 2012

A Check up on The 2012 List

To try and get myself back into the blogging swing I thought I'd start with a little self reflection on the year so far and how my hopes for the year are going. The non-italics are the list from January's 'The 2012 List' post and the text in italics the update on how it's gone so far.

The 2012 List Modelled by Sweep


Stay alive (so far so good)
- Still in existence and as confused as usual!

Read 1 whole actual, real, in paper, page turning, proper book (seriously that number isn't a typo, I read a grand total of 0 books in 2011)
- Ashamedly the current tally of books read is still 0. In my defence I totally forgot about it, I do read often but just not holding a book.

Try to find/get/make a job I would enjoy doing (a long shot but it won't happen unless I try).
- If I'm being honest this one took a back burner and fizzled out so I need to re-ignite it.

Try again at learning to separate the stress of work from home (if possible).
- Doing better! Still room for improvement but much less stressed this year compared to last.

Follow 1 Olympic 2012 sport ├╝ber religiously. Has to be a sport that I honestly don't care about right now. For no reason whatsoever really except for a bit of fun. If anyone would like to join me feel free to volunteer and suggest the sport.
- Post to follow soon outlining my plans for this one!
Don't allow Clothes Mountain (the pile of washing in our bedroom) to rear its voluminous crumpled head again. This has been a success but Norngirl and moving house have been the main help to this - we now have space to do some housework.

Not get my hopes up with Euro 2012.
- Succeeded with style, I was optimistic that we'd do better than expected but knew we'd be long shots to even go close. I had England reaching the Semi Finals in the prediction game and they were a penalty shoot-out away from that guestimate.

Make at least a small positive difference to something worthwhile.
- The worthwhile part I should really have qualified a little better, but yeah, I think I have in some shape or form.

Risk it for a chocolate biscuit and do a few more things on the spur of the moment and procrastinate less
- Hard to say really, we've done a lot of random things this year but most have been us reacting to situations rather than the other way around. Still, moving into a house the day after seeing it for the first time and meeting people you know from the internet from another country probably count right? Maybe still room for improvement on both, especially the procrastination.

Finances allowing:

Visit 5 cities/major towns that I have never been to before.
- 3/5 so far (Washington DC, Boston & Eniskillen)

Visit 1 new country.
- Sadly, situations outside our control and finances aren't likely to let this happen.

Visit my family at least twice.
- This is planned to happen but will be weather dependant (0/2 so far this year though).

Attend 3 or more comedy gigs
- 1/3 so far, Sarah Millican was very funny, but no more comedy show tickets yet booked.

Attend at least 10 ice hockey matches.
- 7/10: 3 NHL games (BOS at WSH, WSH at NYR, NYR at BOS) and 4 EIHL games (BGvsNP, BGvsSS x 2, BGvsDS)

Watch 20 films I've never seen before
- 22/20 and probably more to add - So far: Fools Rush In, Role Models, New in Town, The Graduate, Casablanca, Premonition, Mystic River, The Muppets, Alien Autopsy, The Inbetweeners, Super 8, Glee, The Skin I Live In, The Big Lebowski, Men In Black 3, To Kill a Mockingbird, Le Orme, Some Like it Hot, Goodfellas, All the President's Men, She's Too Young, Titanic (1953) all seen for the first time.

Don't leave the entirety of Christmas shopping until December.
- Haven't started yet, maybe it's time! Too soon?

Possibly move house.
- Done.


Spend even less time playing games on the net.
- I've picked up the bad habit of playing Bejewelled Blitz but it's a game that is much easier to pull yourself away from, though it is highly addictive - damn it!

Do a spring clean of my Google Reader.
- Yup, did that and I do read everything on there now, maybe went a bit far though and could do to find some nice blogs to add.

Spend more time commenting on the blogs I enjoy reading.
- Like my own blog, I've been neglecting others, I do read all the blogs I follow still but like posting to my own, I've become even worse with my time. Must try harder!

Spend less time pointlessly commenting on political blogs where everyone has their minds made up anyway no matter what you say.
- The good news with the general lack of posting to any blog including my own is that I've not replied to one political blog since - every cloud! :)

Find at least 3 new blogs to follow properly - like I would those on my blog list to the bottom left of this page (if you're reading this and have any good suggestions please do add them in the comments).
- Still a to do but it's tricky to find quality blogs as the ones at the top of listings are just often those best at SEO, often the best blogs are the ones you don't look for but rather the ones you stumble on whilst looking for something else.

Be more sociable (if it's not going to make my brain hurt)
- I didn't try too hard but even just not being reluctant to be sociable seemed to help - we even made some new friends - must try to keep that up.

Take even more photos.
- Sadly this has gone the other way, whilst I took more than ever on our vacation, during a regular week I've been taking less.

Disclaimer section of the 2012 list:

Try to do all this whilst not injuring Norngirl mentally or physically (she can be judge and jury at the end of the year).
- Other than being perplexed at my reluctance to read books, apparently it's a case of so far so good according to Norngirl.

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