Monday, 11 February 2013

A Walk Along the Lagan

Last Thursday I took a walk through town to visit the Odyssey, to buy some tickets for Graeme Walton's testimonial game and to get some more flexi tickets. The day was overcast and wet, I'd go so far as to say it was miserable. Despite the weather it turned out to be the same day that, completely separately, Neil over at Belfast is my Mojo also took a walk along the urban banks of the River Lagan. Here was Neil's walk in his blog post 'Down by the Lagan-side'.

Black Guillemot on the River Lagan

Most of my own walk was on the opposite side of the river. After buying the tickets and setting off back towards the city center I was stopped in my tracks (in the rain) by this Black Guillemot who, all alone on this part of the river, was seemingly on a hunt. With what must have been a chance of some dinner, it was DIVE DIVE DIVE! The legs kicked up into the air as its head went under.

Black Guillemot Surface Dive

Then there was just a glimmer of those bright red webbed feet disappearing in an instant into the abyss.

Disappearing feet of a Black Guillemot

In less than a second all that's left to give away the bird was ever there are the small ripples that fade into stillness.

Ripples of a Guillemot

I watched this a few times before heading on along the towpath, mostly because I was slowly getting soaked.

Further along before the footbridge that is part of the Lagan weir is a nice view of the Lagan Boat Company's MV Joyce Too' and MV Mona.

Belfast River Lagan Scene

After another small stretch of water between the weir and the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge are some benches where on a nicer day than this you can watch the traffic and water flow by.

River Lagan Queen Elizabeth II bridge

Back on the city side of the Lagan, down by Lanyon Place and the Waterfront is the MV Confiance aka 'The Belfast Barge' which is home to a maritime exhibition and cafe.

MV Confiance aka The Belfast Barge

I wasn't alone in arriving back at the office drenched that day but it was still worth it for the lunch time walk and the tickets.


  1. Ha ha! Great pictures, Simon. The wee duck with the red feet, amazing.

  2. It's not a duck at all...... But great to see it!



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