Monday, 25 February 2013

February Snapshots of Belfast

Without any topic to string these photos together, here are just some sights of Belfast from over the last few weeks such as the ethereal Titanic Memorial in the grounds of city hall.

Titanic Memorial

Some cold but nice dandering on the sunny days...

Trees at Layon Place

And with plenty of bright red lanterns for the Chinese new year.

Chinese red lanterns outside Belfast City Hall

Some would say cracking.

Crack in the Paving

As always, plenty of traffic.

Traffic Signature Lighting Mast

The Belfast Giants honoured Graeme Walton's long service with a testimonial game in which the popular Pizza eating on ice featured.

Pizza eating on ice

The weather wasn't always dry and sunny, but Belfast still has it's charm.

February Belfast Scene

Sadly we still have this on the streets - illegal flag protests. Here some are blocking the street at the front of Belfast city hall... yet again! (plenty of space on the pavement yer eejits!)

Illegal Flag Protest in Belfast

Don't even get me started on what those claiming to stand up for the UK did at Seaview. Pure hateful and despicable bigotry. Thankfully football fans and football stood strong that day. I'd go so far as to say that the clubs did NI, the UK and Ireland proud. I do feel sorry for the police though who had to deal with the small group and their warped perception on life here in Northern Ireland. Speaking as a non-religious, comprehensive school educated Yorkshireman/adopted Northern Irishman: I honestly think that the people illegally protesting the democratic decision to fly the flag on special days DON'T understand what the United Kingdom is. Either that or they at least don't understand how the rest of it functions OR maybe they're being coerced? I say this because going by their actions to date they certainly don't understand what the UK tries to represent in this day and age. Sure, when BNP/UKIP related individuals also show up to these things, you can gauge the sort of thinking behind it for yourself.

I know everyone has a different slant and perspective on life but maybe we could start to show all arrested the 5 episodes of the BBC show 'Wonders of Life'. Surely worth a shot in the hope they'll gain a new found respect for reality and their own existence though I'm sure some minds could even warp that. D'oh, I got started. I'll not even begin to start to type about the politics.

Due to things like the above, this flying machine has been gathering more air miles.

Belfast Police Helicopter

Where all that will end up - who knows. The summer is probably going to be interesting given the stance and political maneuvering going on. No doubt some more stains on humanities intelligence knowing the mentality of a small amount of people in this part of the world.

That's something that will run for the foreseeable future. In the meantime, you'll find us being big kids jumping on this on the way home after a Giants game.

Musical Squares at Custom House Square in Belfast

And this I have no explanation for other than it's a way to get to the other side of the road without waiting at the traffic lights.

An Underpass in Belfast

Maybe the underpass will lead to March?

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