Friday, 5 November 2010

Come Dine with Me: Home Edition - Results

The scores were revealed and the verdict was joint last for my gruesome cheesy meat feast. Apart from all being bloated from 4 days of 3 course meals, unlike the show on TV there were no fall outs during our 4 days of parties but sadly unlike the actual show there was no voice over dude with sarcastic comments (or 1000 prize money)! The scores were very close. Mum in law won with 23 points and a main of nom-a-licious Monkfish wrapped in Parma Ham with lemon flavoured Broccolini and roasted potatoes. The other scores were Sister in law on 22, and me and Brother in law/Norngirl both on 21. So with just 2 points in it between first and last it was a tight run thing. In the end the best meal won the prestigious accolade of hosting the best dinner party of the week :)

Here are some pics of the winning meal and the setting (thanks go to Norngirl for putting the camera to good use once again):

A starter of Savoury Tatin:

A main course of Parma Ham wrapped Monkfish with Rosemary flavoured potatoes with lemon and garlic flavoured Broccolini. It may look sparse but the overhead view doesn't do it justice and the flavours were delicious.

Pudding of lemon flavoured tart:

Served by candle light:

So what dinner party tips did we learn?

1) Heated sugar and butter are universally accepted forms of nom.
2) We learnt that we could all do with at least one table between us that can be used as a dinner table which isn't too tall or short for the chairs we own.
3) There is such a thing as too much meat
4) Limit the complexity and amount of hands on cooking time unless you've a chef or some help (keep it simple).
5) 4 three course meals in 4 days is an awful lot of food.
6) The early evening schedule of the Vintage channel rocks as background entertainment (unless you're still a teenager and like auto tune more than actual tune).

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