Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Come Dine with Me: Home Edition - Halloween Special

Halloween spookily flew by on Sunday. Happily I bring you some photo's from what was my night of a Come Dine with Me: Home Edition... and for the special occasion; a Halloween Special.

Me, my mum in law, a two-headed crazy team comprised of Norngirl and my brother in law, then last but not least my sister in law, are having a bit of fun with the TV sarcasm classic that is Come Dine with Me. I'll fill you all in more after the 4 day event but in the mean time as this is eating into time to blog this week, here is a selection of photos from the first night and my attempt at some spooky food:

The scene was set with a some inter-webs tableclothage.

Starter was two of these each. Chicken and Pak Choi Eyes

Followed by a main of Cheese Coated Fingers with Roast Pork, Roasted Parsnips and Cauliflower Brains. If only I'd had been able to source some grated cheese or a grater... I mean who doesn't own a grater... oh yeah, that would be us!

Never having made caramel before this was a bit of trial and error but beginners luck paid off!

Some Halloween decorations garnished the walls

The pudding was finally ready, the cake baked and shaped the night before (after a bit of a minor disaster with the flour) and the popcorn courtesy of a bag of unpopped corn and the microwave, but it all worked out in the end... well when the clotted cream ice cream and Haribo was added at least.

I called it; Spooky sponge cake with a creepy caramel popcorn & ice cream haunting.
Everyone had a different cake shape :)

Ghoooooulish Ghosty

And kitteh who I promise is not having a poop of carmel onto the pop corn!

And the crème de la crème... a giant inflatable spider... is there anything supermarkets don't sell?
Overall was pretty happy it all went pretty much to plan, way out of practice with all this cooking malarkey and no one fell ill overnight! w0Ot :)

P.S Kudos to Norngirl for taking most of the photos when I was indisposed.


  1. Oh I really want to decorate next Halloween! Everything looked so cool! :)

    Hazel xxx

  2. Is that Budweiser on the table?

  3. Thanks Paige, it won't be winning any Michelin Stars but the starter was ok and the pudding yum - I made Beef for my main though as I don't like pork so I'm not sure how nice it tasted. We'll find that out soon enough when the scores are revealed :)

    Go for it Hazel, it's like a mini spooky Christmas! A lot cheaper too; I picked up most of the decorations the night before from the local ASDA when they were all reduced to clear.

    Indeed it is JD! I had one bottle but it was by and large for my sister in law who likes the bud. I like bud but personally I prefer something with a little more bite, a nice red wine, a Guinness or other various ale/stout. How about yourself? Do you like a good bud?

  4. I would imagine that the Bud there is a bit different than the stuff that is brewed here.

    Last weekend I picked up a twelve-pack of P.B.R just because I hadn't had it in years and I forgot what it tasted like. It wasn't bad.



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