Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Norngirl has turned to the blog-side

It's true! I can happily point you in this direction Is it Friday yet?, a blog about: "The life and times of a 26 year old Belfast girl, living for the weekend when, well, she probably won't do very much to be honest, but when she does she'll write a bit about it".

Norngirl, as those of you who may follow my ramblings here will already know, is my amazing wife who has many talents, one of which is knowing exactly where I've left things I can't find - as mentioned in her post entitled Love and marriage (and crazy adventures)

"I suppose it's different for couples who haven't lived together for long (or at all) before they get hitched, because their first year is probably spent learning about each others' foibles. However I already know that the correct answer to the Yorkshireman's frequent cries of "Where did I leave that thingumyjig?!" is usually, "At your ass, darling!"

However on this occasion, it might be apt to mention her abilities in the use of English. Most of the time she is the very patient one who proof reads my posts (though not this one) to ensure that they are at least partially readable and in all honesty, that's no mean feat! She knows of punctuation I've never heard of and knows her way around Latin - That's enough in my book to be classed as an expert in such matters. Therefore the read will be, and is, a smooth one on her blog - even if at times it may smoothly reveal how much of a numpty her husband is *hangs head in shame*. I'm really glad she has decided to publicly blog though, the pitfalls of putting your head above the parapet aside, there is so much more you get back from simply thinking about and putting your thoughts in writing.

Norngirl is undoubtedly the best thing in my life so I can say with 100% certainty, if you can stomach my waffling then her more eloquent writing style will be a breath of fresh air for your reader should you fancy keeping up to speed from both sides of our ramblings and our shared lifes adventure :)

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