Wednesday, 8 June 2011

El Presidente's Film Festival - Disney Night

Gathering with friends and family in front of the TV, increasingly dressed up or down to suit the event is quickly becoming something of a tradition. El Presidente's film/TV nights have been flying in and great fun they are too. On Saturday it was Disney night.

Rasta Lemur watching movie

Disney night comprised of dressing up in our comfiest pyjamas, brining along a packed lunch and a random soft toy and settling down with that and a bottle of vodka whilst decorating cup cakes, oh yeah, and watching 3 Disney movies.

Here is my soft toy Emma the Lemur (a souvenir from one of my earliest trips to Belfast Zoo), and for one night only, in homage to the Jamaican bobsled team she became Emma the Rasta Lemur.

Emma the Rasta Lemur

As you might guess, the first movie was the awesome Cool Runnings.

The second movie was the popular Beauty and the Beast and the third was the bright and breezy The Emperor's New Groove - both good cartoons, can't beat some singing furniture in an enchanted castle - though we did wonder if all the inanimate objects that came to life were supposed to be humans, where did the thousands of items of garden equipment come from? Was the place a secret French military barracks before it was cursed - hence why the locals didn't have a clue it existed?

In between the movies was a little cup cake decorating:

Cup Cake topping

Here was my best attempt, a Chocolate Yin to a Buttercream Yang... I didn't feel too much inner peace from it but when I got around to noming it there was a hint of 'Oh Yeah'.

Yin Yang Cupcake


  1. Those are fantastic cupcakes, and I like the idea of the Disney 3peat. I'll be trying it this weekend with the original Tron, Dumbo, and DuckTales the Movie. :)

  2. Awesome, sounds good - especially DuckTales :)

    Not a big fan of Tron but my second choice was sci fi too - Flight of the Navigator, must try and watch that again sometime, used to love it as a kid.

  3. Emma looks really cute in the rasta outfit :) I love Beauty and the Beast, I always liked that Bell was a book geek. I always wondered why the towns people seemed so unaware of the giant castle, too!



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