Saturday, 4 June 2011

May is so last month right now

So totally (how's my 'cool kid' act going?), but here is the quick summary in photos:

We were building up to our holiday but there was still time to catch a bit of the Belfast Marathon on the way to work in the week leading up to it.

Belfast Marathon May 2011

We also had another Film Festival evening at our friends where it was Joss Whedon night (Buffy/Firefly/Angel/Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog) and we decorated some cupcakes. Not that we ever need an excuse to indulge but with a cup final, a holiday and my birthday all looming there was time for a little bit of the red stuff.

Empty Wine Bottle

Then came the Irish Cup Final where Crusaders played away to Linfield at Windsor. The Crues almost managed to overturn the odds but full time football yet again paid dividends for the Blues and that gave us, well, the blues :(

Windsor Park, 2011 Irish Cup Final

Back at the social club at Seaview after the game, and, even though we lost, it was a heros welcome back for the side after their valient efforts - afterall, win lose or draw, we're all in it together.

Crusaders cup final team May 7th 2011

Eventually, as you no doubt know by now, we made it to Alcanada (near Alcudia) in Mallorca. More on this later too.

Alcanada Clouds

The week after we got back, the wind really picked up and things usually there for safety about town started to get cordoned off as they blew over.

Construction hoardings blown down

We then had another Film Festival night at our friends where we had a nomy meal, watched a 1988, 3 part Dr Who involving lots of Daleks and had a great laugh.

Sonic Screwdrivering Cheese

And yes, cheese deserves sonic screwdrivering!... maybe it'll taste eadible to me after a few years of being sonic'd!

Late in May, I went for a wander around down by the flyover and the edge of the Lagan near the Odyssey. There I found a sculpture celebrating East Belfast called 'Let's Twist Again' that I'd gone past in a motorised vehicle or two before but never had chance to get up close to see.

Let`s Twist Again

The brownfield site of the Sirroco Works that will could soon be growing an inner city forest given the size of some of the weeds!

Sirocco Works brownfield site

A signpost that wasn't doing too much better in the feeling run down stakes.

Leaning sign

A dead, yet still pretty jellyfish... hrmmm, I wonder why it is that some dead things look horrible and others look like they belong in an art gallery... Damien Hirst could probably get it looking all life-like again in no time no doubt!

Deceased Jellyfish

Last but not least, the weather was showing signs of improvement close to something approaching summer again as I walked home:

Lagan Weir, Boat and Obel

...and then it was June :)


  1. Cool post! I know right?;)
    Looks like May May have been pretty great, I May have liked the photo's quite a bit too. (apologies for the cheesy-comment-level... It just may have been that cheese and wine reference:)

  2. Hehe, thanks Heart, all cheese much appreciated. It really was a good month, well apart from the cup final loss :'(

  3. Joss Whedon night! Awesome, we have many of those at my house.

    It looks like you did a lot in May! I'd like to read about Mallorca... I can't believe we're already in the middle of June!



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