Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Another Marathon event in Belfast

Belfast Marathon May 2010Most people here in Northern Ireland have a bank holiday on the first Monday in May, something like May Day bank holiday I think they call it. Its also the day of the Belfast Marathon. I say 'they' because I don't get many public holidays off work (though in fairness I could take it as annual leave). Instead the day has developed its own tradition for me. Over the last few years it has become Simon's 'having to work out a way to cross a Marathon to get to work day'. Some would say its a long running event. This year was thankfully an easy cut across a street with a few seconds gap between runners. Other years it has been a 200m run with a street packed with runners and having to edge sideways slowly and jump out the other side looking stupid with my coat and work clothes on.

View of Cave Hill Belfast May 3rd 2010There are perks to having the buses being detoured and having to pick an opportune time to run in or through a Marathon though. These are that the roads are quiet and the weather always seems to be good and apart from the runners everything else seems more relaxed (on the streets of Belfast at least).

So on my way to work it usually gives me a little time for views like this of Belfast's Cave Hill. Not sure about anyone else but I find it enough to make me smile on any morning. That combined with the likes of football to listen to that goes on during the day elsewhere makes these days speed by.

Well done to all those who took part in the Marathon yesterday, see you all the same time next year :)

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