Sunday, 23 May 2010

What a twit!

Yesterday night, in a moment of weakness, I did what I would consider a very bad thing. I gave in to temptation in a shocking way. For in a moment of thinking it might be a good idea, yep, I did what I'd been holding back from doing since its viral release onto the net years ago:

I created a Twitter account. :-/

I blame the events of the last few weeks, from a couple of weeks ago and Leeds being promoted, yesterday's Championship play-off and the Radio One Big weekend, to Champions' League and Over the Rainbow finals, its all been ripe times for possible Facebook updates. However spamming people's recent updates in a place they're not expecting just doesn't seem right and it was all just getting too tempting. So damn you social media! You might have won this time but I held on for a good long while... I'll be a good sheep and join back in line with the flock for now, but not before I've gotten this off my chest... for if a blog wasn't enough by itself as a means of publishing too much personal information onto the web, now I've set myself up for doing even more of it in 140 character batches. In such a circumstance this post would have only made it as far as:

 "Yesterday night, in a moment of weakness, I did what I would consider a very bad thing. I gave in to temptation. Yep, in a moment of thinkin" 

...and what sort of street talk is 'thinkin' and what sort of update is that? Waffling is therefore likely to be cut, except in extreme bursts. Explanations are to be omitted, except in follow up tweets.  So is that what my mind has sunk to - thinking in short sentences? Well yes and no. On occasions it gets distracted well before 140 characters, and sure, often I could probably express an opinion in 3 words or less, so 140 characters is probably a step up!

I'm not too sure on the benifits of Twitter except to reach out into the wider global consciousness of sharing random things but there is only one way to find out for sure. The one thing I do know it will bring is an opportunity to keep up with the rest of the worlds netaholics: those who prefer not to spend their time typing for an hour at a time. So fair do's, I've taken the leap. It might eat into my time a little but at least I'll be able to reply to what Stephen Fry is playing with and what Chris Moyles had for breakfast... why did I sign up again?

I'll be trying to tweet regularly and will be happy to follow my blog-readers or twitter-readers - is that what they're called? I'm a twitter n00b, can you tell?

So if you'd like to follow me, my Twitter page is: 

As well as whatever I end up tweeting, I'll also be providing updates from there of when I have a new blog post up here. Also, to bring twitter to my blog (for those of you still fighting back the urge - if there is anyone left?) you might have already noticed that there is now a little feed on the sidebar here with a couple of the most recent updates. I apologise in advance for scaring or offending anyone; I'll try not to but you never know!

Happy Tweeting.


  1. Before I offend anyone with this comment I should just say this is not a stab at people who use twitter, to each is own.

    I still don't have a Twitter. Truthfully I just don't get it. The only people who would actually want to know what I'm doing every hour with my life generally already know what I'm doing every hour of my life. Either because they're there, or because I told them. And I'm not a big enough fan of any celebrities to start an account just to follow others. But that's just me. Anyway good luck with all the (tweeting?)!!

  2. Oh i just deleted my account. Well, it's because i rarely tweet. Happy tweeting!

  3. It's not sounding good :-S
    I've found a few folks posting things I find interesting, Prof Brian Cox amongst others seems to post some good stuff (especially if you're into your science). Some people seem to use their twitter like a blog so its been ok... so far at least!

  4. It takes a while to get used to Twitter. It's not just about "I'm having a cup of tea", although some people do use it for that. It's very useful as a form of collaborative liveblogging, and also for sharing links of interest, promoting your blog etc. If you have something interesting to say, it's a very low barrier to entry method of doing so. But of course like the rest of the internet it's full of dreck.

  5. Thanks for the advice Andrew. I'll try and heed it, it sounds like Twitter has its uses - other than just keeping up with mindless gossip that is. I'll keep going with it and see how it goes :)



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