Saturday, 22 May 2010

The Belfast Wheel - A belated farewell

Belfast Wheel at Night in winterThe Belfast wheel closed back on Sunday 11th April and that was the day Norn Girl and I had our sentimental last ride. The wheel has originally meant to be a short term attraction but as it went down better than expected (I believe likely in part due to Belfast having a public starved of any traditional landmark tourist attraction), it proved to be a real 'money spinner' and so it was allowed to stay for a couple more years - in the end it was open for (if my research and math is correct) 2 years, 6 months and 3 days, or somewhere 'around about' that figure.

The ride itself I thought was very much worth it as it gave a great view of Belfast and the surrounding area. It was especially worth it in November 2008 because that was when I proposed to Norn Girl at the top of the Wheel and she said yes! That was a wheely good night!

We also went on the wheel several times inbetween, usually when family wanted to go on, it seemed like we went on every 6 months or so, maybe it was some form of 'rotational system'. Sadly it had to close because it got a few groups 'in a spin' which is understandable, hopefully it could still reappear maybe in a new location in the future.

Alan in Belfast gives a great video of the Belfast Wheel in his post about the wheel closing if you'd like to experience a full spin still. Do hang around a few minutes though and let me take you through a few of the favourites of the photos I managed to take over the time the wheel graced the grounds of Belfast City Hall...

Belfast Wheel ConstructionHere is the wheel being constructed in November 2007 - almost there but looking more like a Trivial pursuit counter than a tourist attraction:

Belfast Wheel 2008Things soon got going and in 2008 it was looking like its well known self:

After our engagement (and no doubt many others and other celebrations- and why not!) 2009 'rolled around' and the wheel started to become part of the skyline, which in part led to its deconstruction.

Bright Belfast Wheel april 09Belfast Wheel in the Snow at Night

Here is the Belfast Wheel on Sunday 11th April, its last day of operation:

IDoors of the pod of the Belfast WheelBelfast wheel last day #4Staff working on Belfast Wheel

The last rides came to an end and the wheel spent a few days still standing:

Belfast wheel last day #5Closed Sign for Belfast Wheel

As quickly as it had started spinning it came down... here is the Wheel being dismantled and packed away:

Deconstruction of Belfast Wheel #1Deconstruction of Belfast Wheel #2Deconstruction of Belfast Wheel #3

Deconstruction of Belfast Wheel #4


  1.'s missed. I hope it does make an appearance somewhere else in the city.

  2. I feel kinda sad right now and I've never even been there =(. Sorry about the wheel - You have some great pictures to remember it by though.



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